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On August 23, as part of the ongoing litigation between a group of students and Yeshiva University, the court ruled that Yeshiva University must immediately recognize the YU Pride Alliance as an official campus club rather than being allowed to wait until the appeals process has been completed.

Hardly a week goes by without the claim being made that America is a systemically racist country to its core.  Despite decades - centuries even - of Americans trying to live up to the Founding creed, there will be those who use the original sin of our nation as a weapon to earn power and superiority to others.  They work to make sure that racism in America never dies.

As Democrats prepare to become the minority party once again by rushing through monstrous climate change legislation on pure party line votes, President Biden hopes that the legacy of his first term can be written in the next few weeks. After a disastrous couple of years, Biden is attempting to unring the bells of inflation, high gas prices, food rationing and war as the centerpieces of his foreign and domestic policy.  He is hoping the American voter has a short memory, and desperately desires radical action on climate change instead of steady leadership at home and abroad.  He’s hoping that people forget about the one issue that turned his presidency on its head, and forced him to negative approval territory - a place from which he never recovered.  That, of course, was his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.  

Kathy Hochul is on the campaign trail, and she is deciding who qualifies as a “real New Yorker.” In her mind, New Yorkers are docile, sheepish people who wait in breadlines for handouts and are desperate for direction and instruction.  Anyone who can’t go along with her vision should simply get out of New York.