Colors: Cyan Color

History shows that certain events precede periods of darkness. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand precipitated World War I and the death of 20 million. The rise of the National Socialists in Germany initiated the trajectory to World War II and the death of nearly 38 million. The attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 led to devastation, destruction, and death throughout Iraq and the rise of ISIS. October 7, 2023, the Hamas massacre in Israel, raised the specter of a regional and even a global war with unthinkable consequences.

Since the unprovoked savage attack by Hamas terrorists on October 7, and the declaration of war on Hamas by Benjamin Netanyahu that evening, the free world and, in particular, the Western media, has been fixated on proportionality. Given this fact, one might question the legal and moral definitions of proportionality.

The veil of academia was punctured last week when Congresswoman Elise Stefalnik (R-NY-21) shredded the presidents of three major universities with a simple question: “Does calling for the genocide of Jews constitute harassment on your campuses?” Astonishingly, none of the university presidents were able to simply say “yes.”  This caused a tidal wave of backlash, and that should only be the beginning.

 Chanukah is the story of a Jewish army regaining control of the nation’s holiest site and reasserting sovereignty and autonomy in a Jewish land.  Chanukah is, in short, the most ardently Zionist holiday in the Jewish calendar.  So it is tragically hilarious that so many are using this holiday to call for the end of the Jewish state.

When I teach American Jewish History at Touro College, one of the highly recommended books for the course is Hanukkah in America by Dianne Ashton, which features the National Menorah on the lawn facing the White House. The book documents how a minor religious holiday became the most visible expression of Jewish identity in America, with the participation of presidents who hosted Hanukkah ceremonies at their official residence.