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The students and staff at IVDU LI hosted their very own model matzah bakery, with the students involved in every step of the process. In conjunction with their life-skills curriculum, the oldest class, led by Mrs. Leah Rivka Karr, helped plan and set up the matzah bakery for all of the IVDU LI students.

The 11th Grade shiur at Mesivta Tiferet Torah has been diligently learning “Zeh neheneh v’zeh lo chaseir” – one of the more complex sugyos of Bava Kamma. The talmidim dug into the depths of the sugya with their rebbe, Rabbi Yehuda Kamravapour, and the excitement in the classroom during the milchamta shel Torah was palpable.

On Tuesday, March 16, a select group of eighth grade students participated in the first virtual NYS Mission to Albany, where they met with state legislators and senators. The program, originally held in Albany, was sponsored by Teach NYS, part of the Orthodox Union, and opening remarks were given by Sydney Altfield, the Grassroots engagement director, who encouraged students to speak out for what is important for their education.

Mazal Tov to Mrs. Tova Fish-Rosenberg on winning the 2021 Wilbur Award, the highest honor the Religion Communicators Council can bestow. Since 1949, the Wilbur Awards have been presented annually to recognize excellence in the communication of religious issues, values, and themes in public secular media. Through the awards, the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) recognizes the work of individuals, production companies, and agencies as they communicate about religious issues, values, and themes with professionalism, fairness, respect, and honesty.