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MTA celebrated Chanukah with LionsLight, an exciting week of events, activities, and surprises! The fun-filled celebrations included an incredible chagigah featuring Simcha Leiner with tons of MTA’s signature ruach, achdus, and energy, sports tournaments, Chanukah Jeopardy, Let’s Make A Deal complete with costumes, Minute To Win It, and so much more! Each shiur also enjoyed a Chanukah seudah, and rebbeim opened their homes to their talmidim and hosted Chanukah mesibos. It was the perfect way to celebrate Chanukah together as a yeshivah!

The Healthy & Wise Program at the Yeshiva of Central Queens (YCQ) offers students a positive message about living a healthful lifestyle through hands-on, multidisciplinary lessons, focused on nutritious eating habits, physical activity, germs, and personal hygiene. Mrs. Aliza Solomon, Assistant Teacher at YCQ, has a bachelor’s degree with honors in Family Nutrition and Exercise Science (FNES) from Queens College, and a master’s degree in Public Health from Grand Canyon University in Arizona. She developed the comprehensive curriculum based on her interest in health and nutrition, and eventually expanded the program to include all aspects of living a healthful Jewish life.

Over the last seven years, HALB and its Early Childhood Program, Lev Chana, have fully integrated “Blended Learning” as their driving educational model, moving away from desks and frontal teaching. The HALB Lev Chana Blended Learning model successfully integrates academics and technology while enabling our students to get a personalized educational experience of small skill groups. Mr. David Marks, Director of Blended Learning and Education Analytics, emphasizes the benefit our children receive from an increase in teacher/student interaction, positive feedback, support, and ongoing informal assessment. Additionally, Mrs. Felecie Akerman, Co-director of Lev Chana ECC, notes that Blended Learning enhances the teacher’s understanding of our children, enables teachers to make stronger, more valuable connections with children, and helps to build confidence in our children as they successfully complete the skills. The teachers think about their student’s needs as well as their underlying skills as they plan their groupings. While half of the class is working on specific skills with their teachers, the other half is fully engrossed with one of the four educational technological programs. An initial diagnostic assessment determines the level at which the student will begin the program. Teachers have the ability to go into the program and reassign skills based on the child’s performance and the in-house developed custom reports that assess the child’s performance: their strengths and areas of concern. 

For the fifth year running, Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman was invited to present at the National Conference of Educators of Blue Ribbon Schools. The Rambam Mesivta, which was chosen as a school of excellence, has historically been the only boys yeshivah high school in the country to have been so named. Last month, Rambam was pleased to learn that they were chosen once again and are part of the few elite schools in the country that have won twice!