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Bnos Malka middle school had the amazing z’chus to hear from a farmer who is currently keeping Sh’mitah. Avichai Koch and his wife Keren shared with the girls the amazing experience of being farmers in Eretz Yisrael. The farm, which produces organic vegetables, is on a moshav right next to Gaza. Through great courage and m’siras nefesh, Mr. Koch left his career in hi-tech to work the land and develop his deep “roots” to Eretz HaK’doshah.

On Erev Shabbos, Parshas Emor, Shevach students were treated to an address by Avichai Koch, a Sh’mitah-observant farmer in the south of Israel. Complete with a PowerPoint presentation, Mr. Koch explained how the concept of Emunah is transferred to the reality on the ground (literally) on a Sh’mitah farm. The financial burden of Sh’mitah is significant. That is where miracles are seen on a day-to-day basis. And Avichai and his family have experienced those miracles.

The SKA Girls RISE (Reach with Independent learning, Scholars and Enriching Experiences) program provides an exciting educational platform for students who are interested in exploring academic opportunities outside of the classroom. Students are able to delve deeply into their area of interest with visiting scholars, special trips, guided reflections and independent learning. Under the guidance of Dr. Chana Glatt, SKA’s Science Department Chair, RISE has been tremendously successful over the past three years and has greatly augmented the educational experiences of its members. In the past year alone, students have physically visited the Van Gogh Experience, virtually visited the Manhattan Project, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and joined the virtual lobbying mission to Albany. An exciting Academic Adventures trip to Six Flags is planned for later this month.

The Yeshiva of Central Queens announced that Rabbi Joshua Rohr will join the YCQ Administration as Assistant Principal of Judaic Studies for the Elementary School, effective July 1. The Search Committee, Board of Education, and Board of Trustees commended his 14 years of dedication, energy, and passion for maintaining high standards of academic excellence at YCQ, and his warm relationships with the entire school community.

Last Monday, YTM boys in grades 5-8 met and heard from Amichai Koch, a shomer-Sh’mitah farmer from Eretz Yisrael. The boys heard about the farmer’s experience during Sh’mitah of seven years ago and the special siyata diShmaya and brachah that he has experienced during the last six years. Amichai mentioned that before this Rosh Hashanah he harvested a pumpkin crop that produced twice the yield that was scientifically expected from the seeds. The boys heard about the m’siras nefesh of a Jew who must keep a mitzvah that for most of us is entirely theoretical, but for him and his family is a total disruption of their income once every seven years. Mr. Koch thanked Keren HaSh’viis for the assistance that they provide to help the shomrei Sh’viis, helping them throughout the year.