Like most of you, I diverted my attention from the faux news media outlets with a trip to Netflix, land of endless seasons of worldwide entertainment. This week, I was captivated with season four of The Crown. Having devoured all three seasons before, I couldn’t wait to see Sunday night’s debut of the number one TV show with the great anticipation of my most favorite princess of all time. The show starts with the first meeting of Lady Diana as a mere 16-year-old toying with Prince Charles’ curiosity. As the episodes unravel, we get to witness the mentally and physically unstable relationship as a three-way spiderweb, where all parties suffer greatly. Camilla Parker Bowles’ intertwinement with the prince’s courtship and marriage has dire effects on his wife, Princess Diana, as well as the entire royal family. I won’t give away much more other than to tell you that I highly recommend watching this, for it is a royal escape from our ratchet reality.

If you haven’t bitten off all your nails and devoured a gallon of ice cream by now, you haven’t been paying much attention to the world around you. The big question of which presidential candidate won is the most stressful and anxiety-ridden riddle that is French fried with fraud. Trying to get past that and looking into the future has become a monumental challenge of Herculean emotional strength. Since I feel I know less and less with every day that passes, I thought I’d flirt on the frivolous side and think about presidential inaugurations past and (who knows?) present and future.

 As I write this article, I will first confess not to have a magic ball to predict the outcome of the election. When all the votes are counted properly (or otherwise) and a definite (or otherwise) winner is named for another term or another disaster, I might need the assistance of Ezras Noshim, an all-female emergency care service. 

Cleopatra has risen from her mummified state to expose just how stupid people are these days. The ancient Egyptian queen has certainly unleashed a plethora of worldwide hate upon the announcement that her movie character will be played by Gal Gadot for the Hollywood remake.

If there was a living example of an eishes chayil (woman of valor), it could be Amy Coney Barrett. She ticks every box for the qualifications of the woman your husband sings about every Friday night at the Shabbos table before Kiddush. Of course, her religious practices are l’havdil Catholic, but the balance of attributes is extraordinary. If you are watching FOX News, you can’t escape the countless commercials endorsing her appointment to the Supreme Court, especially the one of JFK speaking about religious persecution.