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A little more than a month before votes will be counted, the special election between Tom Suozzi and Mazi Melesa Pilip is heating up, as each candidate picks up endorsements for the Jewish vote in the district covering Northeast Queens and the North Shore of Nassau County.

In late December, the New York City Council passed the “How Many Stops Act,” legislation that seeks to hamper policing by forcing them to do an extraordinary amount of paperwork for even the most minor of officer-civilian interactions. Mayor Eric Adams, who was a captain in the NYPD before turning to politics, is reportedly planning on vetoing the Act. But his veto will not stop the City Council, as the initial vote passed the veto-proof majority, with 35 of 51 votes. So, this veto will be followed by a movement for citizens to pressure their elected council members to vote against the Act when it comes back up to the Council.

It’s time to stop pretending that those who are marching for a ceasefire in Gaza actually want a ceasefire. They don’t. They are actively marching for the benefit of Hamas, to give Hamas time to re-arm and re-attack Israel at a later date. Everyone knows this, and everyone has known this since these marches began on October 8. This past New Year’s weekend showed more videos of these people for what they truly are: terrorists in training.

To celebrate the 3-month anniversary of the mass slaughter of Jews in Israel, Hamas-supporting protesters blocked three bridges and a tunnel in rush hour traffic on Monday morning, the first full work week of 2024.  The NYPD claims that over 325 were arrested, yet reports coming out Tuesday morning claim that many were released without charges or with petty misdemeanors.  

The World just marked the transition from 2023 to 2024. Humanity struggled in 2023. The War between Russia and Ukraine has strained Western determination and commitment. Voices in the EU and the US express frustration at the cost of the ongoing conflict and question whether Ukraine should continue to be supported.