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A Palestinian-American, Azzam Muslih, was murdered. Strangely, Rashida Tlaib had nothing to say about it.

A Palestinian-American has been murdered - but not the one whom Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has been tweeting about.

The Celebrate Israel Parade occurred earlier this week, and among the 40,000 marchers from over 250 groups were the usual cavalcade of politicians who are seeking to ingratiate themselves to the Jewish community.  They all claim to be pro-Israel, thinking this will get them votes and donations.  However, when Israel is actually attacked within their own borders and jurisdictions, they are conspicuously silent.

Tragedy struck again, this time in Texas.  Like many other times before, the vultures descended on the victims, piling them up high to create a stage for their political purposes.  They stand upon this stage not to make societal change, but to anger enough people to swing the electorate in their favor.

After the heinous act of murder in Buffalo by an alleged white supremacist, the media and Democrats immediately did the smart and responsible thing by looking at the gunman’s manifesto, and questioned how a young man could do something so evil.  Then they brought in a team of analysts and psychologists to talk about the mental health crisis in this country, but only after giving a respectable amount of time to honor the dead and give comfort to the families of those who were killed.

The upcoming holy day of Shavuos is closely associated with the command to leave part of our agricultural harvest for the poor. Over the years, our Sages have questioned how this mitzvah can be carried out in our times. In recent years, a number of organizations have made it possible to once again fulfill this mitzvah in all its glory.

Anti-Semitism is too polite of a moniker to describe what just occurred at the graduation ceremony for CUNY Law, right here in the heart of the largest Jewish community in the United States. Selected by the students to give an address – knowing full well where she stands on these issues – Nerdeen Mohsen Kiswani grabbed the opportunity, and the microphone, to espouse hatred of America, Israel, and the Jewish people.