Feeling a tad annoyed, are you? Maybe even a bit disappointed or angry? Hmmm. You feel misunderstood and not truly listened to. Not having your needs met? Tried to get that new program on your computer to actually respond? Good grief. Did you know that the oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve? It was an Apple, but with extremely limited memory. Just one byte, then everything crashed. Heh. It would be nice if we could strategically place piñatas all over the place, wouldn’t it?

You just entered the House of Flying Darts. Even acquaintances feel free to ask the dreaded question: Are you getting the vaccine? Not in the mood to get trampled on for your views on current vaccination? Two words: “Trust issues.” When did it become socially acceptable to ask personal, medical questions? I just tell them, “It’s classified. I’m not touching that hot topic. Want to talk about something else?” Don’t know how to answer intrusive questions? Please set your GPS to the high road, and don’t be rude or sassy with your comebacks.

Are you inclined to dwell on everything that goes wrong? Have you figured out how to transport yourself away from your tiresome, tedious ho-hum life? What does happiness look like to you? Do you truly want to turn that frown upside down?

Have you ever you made a mistake? Yes, you. Start by giving voice to your thoughts and feelings, please – out loud – to someone. If you feel embarrassed and refuse to admit your “mistake,” change the word to “learning experience.” Did you ever have one of those? Your inner critic may start beating you up and prevent you from eventually forgiving yourself. See how he or she is trying to sabotage you from letting go or moving on. Talk to yourself. You heard me. Talking to yourself is a sign of genius. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Listen, one advantage of talking to yourself is that you know that at least someone is listening.

Raise your hand if you sometimes spend time on endless distractions. Actually, you had a pretty great life. But you were looking down at your phone, and you missed it. You can feel like a mere puppet or pawn in the system known as society. So how do you create a purposeful life? Can you pose some profound questions about existence? Think you need to travel to some exotic place for a dose of enlightenment, perhaps? Do you feel like you need some spiritual growth hormones? Ever just feel “hormotional”? Notice how your moods never ask permission before they change.

It’s been said: Everybody is doing the best they can, which is terrifying. Yesterday you were on top of the world. Today you don’t want to lift a precious finger. If you won an award for laziness, you would have someone else pick it up for you. I get it. Can’t reach it; don’t need it. It fell under the bed? Well then it’s gone forever. Hey, don’t be mad at lazy people; they didn’t do anything. But seriously, are you truly doing the “best you can” and what precisely is the very “best you can do”? Do you even know?