What are you passionate about? Do you even know? What does your inner monologue sound like these days? Sometimes we are confused about the deeper meaning of our lives, or we simply get stuck in some emotionally draining job with no end in sight. Listen, I hate losing things at work like pens, papers, sanity, and dreams. Tell me: What is your dream job. In your dreams, you don’t work? Oh.

You hear the fire alarm going off, but there is no fire. How much time do you spend worrying? Does it sometimes take you over to the point that you simply can’t calm down? It’s okay. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Don’t bury the hurt. Permit yourself to be anxious. Simply expressing your feelings may help decrease them. Now allow them to pass. Sure, your thoughts have now conjured up the worst-case scenarios. Can you challenge your thoughts into a more hopeful way of thinking? Do you even try?

Encouragement and comfort can feel awfully different to each one of us. Relying on him for reassurance is not a weakness. In fact, if you are pursuing physical, emotional, and spiritual health, you best allow yourself to receive support from others.

Name something that makes you feel good: cheesecake, working out at the gym, watching the playoffs with your crew, shopping for new shoes, or completing that challenging project at work. I know, there’s nothing better than cake – other than more cake. And speaking of the gym, you know what they say: When nothing goes right, go lift. Truthfully, I don’t mind leg day at the gym. It’s just the two days after that I can’t stand.

Sure, there are some folks who couldn’t pick their neighbors out of a police lineup. I know, you can’t believe the police put you in the back seat when you clearly called “Shotgun.” But clearly, there are also some who go to great lengths to avoid superficial chit-chat with those who live nearby. And sometimes, for good reason.