Problems with our loved ones or friends can be looked at through the prism of disconnecting and reconnecting. Every relationship can at times suffer a loss of trust or care. Sometimes the hurt is small or of no great concern. The pain can be more serious if there was a genuine breach of trust. We are all at risk from those to whom we deposit our trust and love.

Does he good-naturedly taunt you about certain habits? Do you lovingly tease your friends? Perhaps you were given an endearing nickname back in the day. Is the jesting welcome, or do you feel picked on? It may be that the joking remark helps point out some of your character traits in a non-threatening way.

Can you embrace the unpredictability of the future? If you cannot determine it, how can you have tranquility of mind? How do you avoid being corrupted by the world or broken by stress? Do you work on your body and forget about your soul? I woke up today determined to eat less, drink less, and exercise more. But that was a few hours ago when I was younger and full of hope. My advice: Have some coffee. It will give you the illusion that you are awake.

Do you genuinely like yourself? You may be unaware if your lack of self-acceptance is wreaking havoc across a range of emotional situations in your life. Hey, if I had no emotions, I don’t know how I’d feel about it.

Despite the severity of your circumstances, my friends, you always have a choice of attitude. The most important thing you can do to be emotionally strong is to strengthen your mind. If fate has attacked you, you need to shore up your emotional well-being. Have you been able to shake off the pain of past events? Perhaps you feel continually harmed by circumstances that might not even take place in the future.

Have you ever come across an unflattering media post about you? Before social media, you could just completely forget that someone existed. Good times. You accidentally found out some so-called friends were talking harshly about you behind your back. Listen, you don’t have haters. They’re just fans in denial. Your boss just read you the riot act – again. Tell your boss what you think of him, and the truth shall set you free – from your job, that is.