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Birchos HaTorah 3: V’Haarev Na

At the end of the first segment on Birchos HaTorah, we pointed out the huge, not-to-be-missed...

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I want you to think about a concept that nobody talks about. You won’t hear your rav speak about this on Shabbos. You won’t read an article on this subject in any Jewish magazine, and you certainly won’t hear any politician speak this way. I am referring to the important aspect of fighting the Jewish enemy and, while extremely difficult and painful, how it is an integral – and necessary – part of our national life.

The first halachah in the Shulchan Aruch dealing with Birkas HaTorah (siman 47) is: “One must be extremely careful with Birkas HaTorah.” What is the reason for this immediate warning at the very opening of the halachos of Birkas HaTorah?

At the end of the first segment on Birchos HaTorah, we pointed out the huge, not-to-be-missed opportunity to pour our hearts out for our offspring and ourselves. The Chafetz Chaim writes that Birchos HaTorah is one of the most powerful opportunities to daven for our children and our grandchildren.

Now that we have provided the outline of this powerful tefilah, with which we begin and end our day, we present the line-by-line translation and explanation of Adon Olam from the Pathway to Prayer Siddur by HaRav Mayer Birnbaum shlita. We have previously noted the uniqueness of this great siddur and how it provides so much more than basic translations. Additionally, it is very easy on the eye to glance, line by line, at the brief but clear explanations. This siddur sold out, but I am told that there are more on the way from a new printing.