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With the excitement that only a Democrat with a 38% approval rating can bring, hundreds of Republicans from around New York State filed into the Garden City Hotel this week to officially nominate their chosen candidates for statewide office. Nassau County Joe Cairo welcomed the crowd with open arms, and with a clear voice and strong majority, the 62 counties that make up the state chose Congressman Lee Zeldin to take on Governor Kathy Hochul in 2022.

Sitting in our ulpan class last week, we suddenly heard a commotion outside. Looking out the window, we saw people blocking traffic while singing and holding signs proclaiming asserting their right to “freedom.”

2022 is already slated to be a big year for Republicans around the country.  Given the massive failures of the Biden administration on both foreign and domestic policy, and the backlash that inevitably comes from said failures, Republicans have a massive opportunity.  

By the time this column is published and read, Russian military forces may have already entered sovereign Ukrainian territory.  This action has been precipitated by months of troop buildups and movements on the border between the two nations, and allegations that the Russian government has been attempting to plant false flag attacks to justify their course of action.  However, should a foreign international war really concern Americans, or is this a conflict the United States should stay out of?

On Wednesday, February 9, a pile of bags on a platform bench at the 21st Street-Van Alst subway station was cordoned off by police tape as there was a body of a homeless woman beneath the baggage and blankets. Audrey Lumer, 63, was a graduate of an art school and once lived on Utopia Parkway at her father’s house until a rent dispute in 2018 resulted in her eviction. Likely on account of her mental state, she refused assistance and found shelter in the subway system.

Congressman (Dem.) Levin wants Israel at its most populated midsection to be narrower than the Bronx. Did he ever meet the neighbors?

A Michigan congressman is complaining that he is being subjected to “ad hominem attacks” because his pro-Palestinian positions have been criticized. But there’s nothing ad hominem about pointing out that this congressman wants to reduce Israel to a size that will be barely one-third the width of his own congressional district.