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 Yom Yerushalayim was marred this year by air raid sirens and explosions in the city of Jerusalem.  A minor legal issue over an eviction of squatters who haven’t paid their rent in a few decades turned into violence in the streets and rockets in the skies.  Social media was flooded with condemnations by both sides of the aisle, but the usual suspects continued to side with terrorists and hope for the destruction of the Jewish State.  In a battle between Jews and terrorists, American Jewish group IfNotNow will always side against the Jews and with the terrorists.  

On Tuesday, the trial of Derek Chauvin ended with a guilty verdict on all three counts: second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter. As everyone knew, if the jury came back with anything less, the rioting around the country would have caused immeasurable damage and untold injuries. Hopefully, this verdict will placate the radicals who would join in with the mob, but can a verdict under these circumstances be trusted?

Last week, President Joe Biden spoke to a Joint Session of Congress - or as much of a Joint Session as the latest COVID regulations would allow.  In a speech that was filled to the brim with lies and misleading statements, the media reaction was far different than it was under Trump.

 On March 23, Israel held a multi-party election. With no party having won a majority, both Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid are reaching out to the other parties to try to put together a governing coalition. In the end, it will be up to also-ran politicians like Benny Gantz, Naftali Bennett, and Gideon Saar to determine who the next Prime Minister will be or whether there will be yet another election, the fifth in two years. Based on past experience, the decisions of the also-rans will be made based on their personal and political interests rather than the good of the country or even the people who voted for them.

As rockets rain down on Western Israel from Gaza, and violent clashes with police occur in Jerusalem, Israelis find themselves keeping one eye on the nearest bomb shelter in case a siren is heard. While this is an annual occurrence during the month of Ramadan, Israel must wonder, for the first time in four years, if the United States will tie one hand behind their back while they defend their citizens.

After an officer-involved shooting in Minneapolis this past weekend, the beleaguered residents of the city were again treated to rioting and looting of their businesses.  Last summer, when these riots occurred nationwide, the sentiment was that it would all end once the Democrats were back in charge.  As conservatives warned at the time, the riots will never stop because the Left is not taking the steps necessary to make them stop.