Colors: Cyan Color

As Democrats prepare to become the minority party once again by rushing through monstrous climate change legislation on pure party line votes, President Biden hopes that the legacy of his first term can be written in the next few weeks. After a disastrous couple of years, Biden is attempting to unring the bells of inflation, high gas prices, food rationing and war as the centerpieces of his foreign and domestic policy.  He is hoping the American voter has a short memory, and desperately desires radical action on climate change instead of steady leadership at home and abroad.  He’s hoping that people forget about the one issue that turned his presidency on its head, and forced him to negative approval territory - a place from which he never recovered.  That, of course, was his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.  

Forgoing all precedent in American history, the DOJ under Joe Biden targeted the former President and chief political rival of the party in power, President Donald Trump.  In a shocking statement on his website, Trump announced that the FBI raided his home in Palm Beach, Florida - Mar-A-Lago.

As Vice President Kamala Harris cast her tiebreaking vote to ensure the Senate passage of the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” the Democrats in the chamber broke into a resounding applause. The whooping, cheering, and hollering was a celebration, an achievement they did not think they would accomplish before the end of the Congressional term.  

A couple of months ago, many liberals on social media openly asked whether President Joe Biden was fit to stand for reelection in 2024, on account of his age and inability to unite his party in tackling high gas prices, healthcare for veterans, and inflation. Political conservatives pounced on Biden’s moment of weakness with stickers affixed to gas pumps showing a giddy Biden with a quote bubble, “I did that!” Conservative bumper stickers carried the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon,” a tongue-in-cheek insult at the president.

Where Is Our Al Sharpton?

When Reverend Al Sharpton was in his heyday as a spokesman for the African American community, so many Jews wondered aloud, “How come we don’t have an Al Sharpton?”

Al Sharpton may have been the most divisive person in the country as he was embroiled in controversial stories such as Tawana Brawley, Crown Heights allegations, Freddy’s “white interlopers,” etc. to supposedly advance the plight of his fellow African Americans. He pitted whites against blacks and everyone against Jews, as our city became a racial cauldron, especially during the Koch and Dinkins years. And he was rewarded by MSNBC with a job as a commentator on the social scene.