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For a non-presidential election, this year’s contest had an unusually high turnout for New York, as voters chose their federal and state representatives. Mirroring nationwide trends, the question for activists in Kew Gardens Hills was whether voters would mark their ballots down the party line or distinguish between a relatively unpopular Democratic governor and the more likable local candidates in the same party. Hochul ultimately was elected to a full term, becoming the first woman to be elected to serve New York State as governor.

Hanukkah Dinner celebrates Rise Up Campaign, which now stands at $350 million

 Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, President of Yeshiva University, announced record success in the first year of Rise Up: The Campaign for 613. Last year at this time, the Rise Up campaign, which has a goal of raising $613 million over five years, was launched with private-stage funding at $250 million. Today, with an additional $100 million raised this year, the campaign has passed its half-way mark and now stands at $350 million.

The Jewish Community of New York is Enthusiastically Looking Forward To A Political Earthquake, With A Bloc Vote of 250,000 Votes

Jewish residents from the broadest variety of communities are jumping on board | Thousands of Jewish votes have been cast through absentee ballots | Additional thousands have already voted in early voting locations

Yeshiva University’s Graduate Program of Advanced Talmudic Studies (GPATS) has launched a new online learning program called Inside the GPATS Beit Midrash to provide expert, in-depth analysis of core Jewish texts. People from all over the world will now join the classrooms of renowned faculty and alumni of GPATS as they teach six-part courses online in Gemara, Tanach and Halacha. The goal of the program is to leverage technology to share the insights of GPATS faculty and alumni with a much wider audience.

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Last week (and continuing this week), we published an election guide by Sergey Kadinsky featuring candidates in many local races. Among the feedback we received was that the Republican candidates did not get the same depth of coverage as the Democratic candidates, and that the guide favored the Democrat candidates in general. To offer a more balanced view, we present this guide to the Republican candidates.