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It’s every parent’s nightmare to get a text message where you know immediately that something is wrong. When we received a voice note from my son from an unknown number, we right away got a bad feeling.

This headline is not meant to be clickbait or hyperbole.  It is the logical conclusion to a series of words and actions that would lead anyone to believe that the Democrats, as a rule, are hoping that their political enemies are killed - or at least threatened into agreement.  

One of my favorite places to visit is an ancient wall in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem with a playground on top. As I watch the children at play, my mind drifts back to what happened at that very wall more than 2,500 years ago, to events described in M’lachim II (Chapters 18-19), Isaiah (Chapters 36-37), and Divrei HaYamim II (Chapter 32).