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Orot concluded the summer with an amazing 4-day retreat to Pennsylvania! The girls were amazed when they arrived to unwind at the beautiful mansion where they lodged. It was stunning and spacious, and had a private pool and hot tub. On the first night, in order to get to know everyone better, the group picked out a name for their "Oroti" buddy, and at the conclusion of the trip planned to purchase a gift for their “secret girl."

Chazaq, a dynamic nonprofit organization dedicated to community enrichment and youth empowerment, recently hosted an Open House at its brand-new Youth Center in Forest Hills. The event served as an opportunity for the community to explore the multitude of programs Chazaq offers, including the Shaping Lives Sunday School Program, the daily Jwave teens Program, and the Public School to Yeshiva placement division. Knowledgeable rabbis and rebbetzins were on hand to answer questions and assist with registrations for the upcoming school year.

This year’s High Holidays Security Briefing, held last Tuesday, September 12, put the Jewish community at ease, citing no known threats, allowing the city’s Jewish community to pray calmly and celebrate with family joyously. The gathering of 400 community leaders and police officers was held at One Police Plaza, the department’s headquarters, and was painstakingly organized by Insp. Richie Taylor, Commanding Officer of Community Affairs Outreach. The event reassured the public of Mayor Eric Adams’ commitment to keeping the Jewish community secure at all costs.