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Since October 7, anti-Semitism has skyrocketed across the United States. Nowhere has this been felt more than on college campuses across the country. Once considered bastions of tolerance, these institutions are now rife with calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, a “globalized Intifada,” and students proudly chanting “death to the Zionists.”

Anyone who has followed Joe Biden’s half-century in politics knows that he is a political weathervane – he will blow in the direction the winds take him. Every social issue, from criminal justice to gay marriage and abortion, Joe Biden has taken every side of. He was fiscally conservative in the 1990s and then became the highest tax and spend President in the last 100 years. So, it makes sense that in the shifting winds of the Democrats’ stance on the relationship with Israel, the weathervane is flying every possible way.

The barbaric attacks by Hamas terrorists against the citizens of Israel on October 7 have sewn a new level of division across the United States. In their aftermath, Americans on both sides of the conflict have taken to the streets, and while many are peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights, too often we are seeing bad actors come into play – bad actors who seek to take advantage of the current climate and turn peaceful protests into something much different

There are no words remaining in the English language to describe the vile slugs of humanity that continue to expose their own villainy in public. This holiday weekend, Israel-hating protesters blocked the Thanksgiving Day Parade, blocked the Manhattan Bridge for hours, and praised terrorists en masse.

Much has been said about Gen Z since the start of the war against Hamas, as college campus protests and polling show that the youngest among us are also the most morally and intellectually bankrupt. That is the fault of those who came before them, who insisted on the lie that all cultures are the same, and that all conflict can be boiled down to a simple dynamic: oppressor and oppressed. This is how Gen Z discovered, and decided to deify, Osama bin Laden.