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The political attacks by Democrats on Republicans for not buying into the massive social change that they’ve been pushing found a new hammer to hit with when a madman shot up an LGBT bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Forget taking seconds to figure out anything about this attacker, the same people who have the same agenda made the same attacks on their political opponents, to the accolades of their sycophantic fanbase.  The most egregious example comes from New York’s very own Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Progressive Democrats on the New York City Council are pushing to abolish the database that the NYPD uses to track gang activity in and around New York City, and to prevent any other database from being formed. Progressives are working around the clock to ensure that criminals are able to run rampant and the city turns back the clock to the 1970s.

In the half century since the founding of Touro College, Dr. Robert Goldschmidt has been at the forefront of its growth from a floor in a Midtown office building to a network of sites across the city, country, and world. Still used to describing the institution as a college, my first question was: When did Touro become a university? The answer depends on the state.