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In the least shocking news of the week, Ilhan Omar said something anti-American and antisemitic.  In the slightly less shocking news of the week, Democratic leadership does nothing about it.  In slightly less shocking news than that, the only Democrats under fire by their Party are the two Senators who aren’t planning on blowing up our system of government.  

This week, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) made a statement that any person of faith or science would find utterly uncontroversial, yet sent a wave of panic and posturing throughout the Left.  They affirmed that since they ascribe to the scientific fact that an unborn baby is a human being, Catholics who advocate for abortion should be denied Communion. This includes self-proclaimed Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

 My recent opinion piece, A Time to Choose, drew more comments, both positive and negative, than all the other articles I have written in this newspaper over the past eight years put together. My goal in writing the piece was to alert you to the dangers of some of the candidates running in the upcoming Primary and to stimulate discussion.

How did New York City become such a disaster?

The progressive Left has pushed our politicians over the brink. Until recently, such antics would have been considered normal: no bail laws, lawlessness in the streets, innocent children gunned down, police having their hands tied – unable to enforce the laws, and unsafe subways even in the middle of the day. The Queens community, specifically the Orthodox Jewish contingent, feels threatened by anti-Semitic attacks and the BDS movement. We are in a fight for our lives!

 Amid all the noise of the Left side of the Mayoral primary contests, two Republicans had a Battle Royale cage match of a debate.  Aired on PIX11 on Thursday night, candidates Curtis Sliwa and Fernando Mateo tackled numerous topics close to the hearts and minds of New Yorkers, and presented their visions for the City.