Warner Bros., teaming up with Disney and Universal for the largest multi-studio production ever seen, has announced that they will be tackling the grand life and supreme accomplishments of Congressman George Santos. With a proposed budget of $400 million, this joint venture dwarfs other blockbusters like Avatar and The Avengers.

The New York Mets were sold to a Chinese conglomerate for the record price of $6 billion. Mets owner Shalom Cohanim defended the sale, saying that winning a championship would be great but $6 billion is even better. Wee Won, the CEO of the company based in China, explained the deal by noting that since they cornered the real estate market in Manhattan, they might as well buy a baseball team.

WhatsApp has become the primary messaging service over the last few years. It has been able to replace SMS messaging, instant messaging, and even, to some extent, parts of email. People use WhatsApp to communicate overseas, with large groups, and even send blasts out to groups of unsuspecting recipients. It is therefore time that we go through the rules of what should be allowed, encouraged, or banned on WhatsApp.

This week, in honor of Purim, I’m taking off.  Why not?  Who wants to work on Purim? 

So I handed off the responsibility of writing my article to a non-Jew – again, in honor of Purim.  Also, I’ve done this once before, and people loved it. 

QJL Columnists Hold Partisan Debate

Following the much-discussed forum at the Boca Raton Synagogue last month, where opinion columnists Yair Rosenberg and Ben Shapiro debated each other on anti-Semitism, the Young Israel of West Hempstown hosted its own event, where Moshe Hill and Sergey Kadinsky discussed last year’s political earthquake that awarded all Congressional seats on Long Island to the Republicans, the upcoming presidential elections, and Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposal to upzone the suburbs to accommodate demand for more housing.