Touro University Graduate School of Social Work is offering a hybrid program that brings live synchronous learning to students via zoom and requires attendance on-campus only four times per semester, beginning this fall. Future mental health professionals now have the option of studying for their Masters in Social Work while working full or part time or attending to family responsibilities.

Recap: Sender goes with Uncle Adam to meet the Wright brothers and they offer Sender a job to come with them to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, to take photos of their flights. Sender is thrilled, but there’s one difficulty and that is: He isn’t sure if Bubby will approve of his going so far away.

Recap: Ezra has an encounter with Kalman who teamed up with another boy to bully him outside of school. Now he has two big problems: the bullying and needing an idea for the writing club project. His mother gives him a journal from his great-grandfather to read, to help him forget his troubles.