Recap: Mr. Burr’s friend came by with instructions for Ezra. Dovid is afraid of Mr. Burr and his friend. Dovid was playing outside, and Miriam asked Yishai to go in to calm the baby so she could lie down. Yishai assumed Dovid went with his father, and Ezra assumed Dovid was with Yishai. Dovid is not in the yard anymore. He is nowhere to be found. All they find in the spot where Dovid was playing are some red feathers from an Indian headdress.

Recap: Chevi confides in Yehudis about problems going on and why she was so secretive, and Yehudis and Chevi are starting to be friends. Chevi is good at solving mysteries and she says maybe if they read the journal they’ll discover more about why the man with the red bandana broke into the house. They sit down together and begin reading more of the journal.