Thelma “Toby” Geschwind a”h, Toiba Hena bas Moshe haLevi (u’Braina Rivkah), was a woman of valor – a true eishes chayil – who lived a life of dreams realized. Known for her bountiful acts of chesed in Jamaica Estates, and later in West Hempstead, Toby and her unselfish heart of gold were an exemplary role model for others, putting her family needs first, then those of her friends, all preceding her own. The essence of Toby’s life was defined by the translation of her Hebrew name Tovah, good. She persevered from a burdensome early life, losing three brothers at a young age and her mother when she was just 13, becoming the maternal figure to her seven-year-old brother and to her two older brothers. She was brought up by her aunt Anne a”h, establishing a bond with cousins Tena and Debra, whom she always considered her sisters.

Yeshiva University undergraduates spent a week this January traveling throughout Morocco visiting Jewish heritage cites, building cultural bridges with Muslim university students, and expanding their leadership horizons. Jews – al-Yahud al-Maghariba – have lived in Morocco for two thousand years, from about 70 BCE. After the expulsion from Spain in 1492 and then Portugal only years later, many Spanish Jews found refuge and built new lives in cities throughout Morocco, creating an impressive Jewish tapestry of immigrants. In Fez, Maimonides wrote his major works. In Rabat, Marrakesh and even in the Atlas Mountains, Jews lived and worked. Casablanca today has the largest Jewish community in Morocco with synagogues, community centers, and Jewish schools. Close to 100 YU graduates come from Morocco.

On Wednesday, February 8, two culinary worlds will come together for one purpose. Restaurateur Micah Seavers, who got involved with the Masbia Relief Team in the aftermath of the tornado that ripped through Kentucky in December 2021, will come to New York City and contrast his cooking against long-time Masbia volunteer and cookbook author, Naomi Ross.


The Nassau County Republican Party held a press conference demanding the resignation of Congressman George Santos.  Santos has made international headlines for weeks because of the lies about his resume, from where he attended college to his “Jew-ish” identity.  County Chairman Joseph Cairo led the call for him to resign. “George Santos’ campaign last year was a campaign of deceit, lies and fabrication,” Cairo said. “He deceived the voters of the 3rd Congressional District, he deceived members of the Nassau County Republican committee, elected officials, his colleagues, candidates, his opponents and even some of the media. He’s disgraced the House of Representatives and we do not consider him one of our congresspeople.” Cairo has led the Nassau Republicans to a series of wins, including the victories in 2021 with the election of Bruce Blakeman as County Executive and Anne Donnelly as District Attorney, and in 2022 with the flipping of multiple federal and state seats.  

Recap: Libby has a recurring scary dream where she’s freefalling from the sky. She starts her new job, and she has to go into the second-grade class where they already went through three teachers.