When I decided to become a social worker many years ago, there were few choices of graduate programs. Nowadays, those thinking about becoming a mental health professional have multiple options. The purpose of this short article is not to speak about any specific discipline or program. It’s simply for you to think about what it means to choose the field of mental health as a profession.

 Our children drive us crazy, right?! Or is it the other way around? The onslaught of “No! Don’t! Why did you… If only you would… Can’t you just…” is nonstop. Yes, we are their parents; it’s our job to set them straight. But are we conscious to take into account whether we are pushing them off the path we so desperately desire for them?

Recap: Yehudis is reading a journal in her father’s office about a 14-year-old named Yishai who lived in Marietta during the time that Aaron Burr visited in the 1800s. Yishai’s father sent him to Marietta to try to convince his brother Ezra not to get involved with the charismatic but dangerous Mr. Burr and his schemes.