For the 35 of us travelers, both young and old, our plane touched down with an amazingly smooth landing at exactly the right moment in time. Just a week earlier or later, given the Kafkaesque restrictions due to the spike in COVID variants, our group of Touro students, educators, and administrators would not have been allowed to enter the Holy Land.

Control is peaceful. Control is predictable. Control is safe. Parents like to control everything: the rain, lines at the amusement park, who’s having fun, how long until the next bathroom break - everything. Life would be free of obstacles if we could just control the sun, moon, and wind. At least, that’s what our subconscious wants us to believe. If we ever took a moment to consider the burden of controlling the forces of nature, we’d likely cower at the thought. Despite the overwhelming nature of control, we still crave it.

There’s a growing movement in the wig industry and it’s all about Ralph Wigs. Ralph is the premier innovative sheitel company that everyone is talking about. The name is synonymous with quality, customer service, and style. Women in communities across America look forward to Ralph’s team visiting their community, eager to join the movement.

Recap: While Yishai is visiting and his brother is away, his sister-in-law goes into labor and Yishai has to go out in a snowstorm to get the midwife. Miriam gives birth to a baby girl. Yishai is still trying to find a way to talk his brother and sister-in-law out of following Aaron Burr and his notorious scheme, but they are still set on following him.

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