Rav Kanievsky Appointed As Education Minister

In his bid to avoid a fourth election in one year and maintain his hold on power as Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu struck an unprecedented power-sharing deal with United Torah Judaism. “It has become clear that the guidelines of Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita have the support of the nation, and I offer my deepest respect to the Sar HaTorah of our time,” he said. “I look forward to his sagely guidance as a member of the governing cabinet.”

Over the last few weeks, the weather here in the tristate area has brought upon us what we tend to call “ ankle fracture season”. Obviously this is very self explanatory. Those slippery sidewalks and streets tend to cause many of us to slip and fall. Thus, broken bones around the ankle are a common sequela of this.

Recap: Bayla and Dr. Laurent are engaged. The war is over, and  Bayla and Mimi wait to hear from their family. Gloria’s father, Mr. Eddie Jacobson, flies to Washington to meet with President Truman to ask him to please meet with Prof. Chaim Weizmann. He convinces the President to meet with him.