On April 6, eight students from the Sy Syms School of Business, currently taking the Fund Formation and Administration and Management course taught by Maccabee Ventures General Partners, Moshe Bellows 90YC, ’08W and Bruce Taragin ’89YC, presented their in-depth analysis and assessment of the fund’s performance and portfolio to the Limited Partners and Stakeholders. Maccabee Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm associated with, but independent and separate from Yeshiva University. The meeting was conducted through Zoom.

As the saying goes “SEAS the DAY”, and as more people are moving to beach cities, we clearly see a trend in living near the beach. Thousands of Israelis, foreign buyers, and investors are bringing tremendous growth to the seashore towns in Israel in the last few decades. To that end, Tivuch Shelly has led scores of buyers from Israel and overseas to seek beautiful and modern housing in the special and refreshing climate offered in the beach town of Netanya.

Recap: Ezra’s teacher put him into a writing club because his big brother was a star writer. Ezra is not a star writer and tries to tell that to the teacher, but he doesn’t have a chance to tell him. He’s stuck in it and the teacher requires everyone to come up with a research project for the club’s display. Ezra can’t think of a topic, and on top of that, there’s a new boy in school who starts acting like a bully towards him. He’s walking home, and the boy has teamed up with a mean eighth grader, and they both start bullying him.