Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe graduate Yoel Spielman helped welcome back the boys following Yeshiva Break with a marvelous magic show. Spielman, a graduate of the yeshivah, now in the ninth grade at The Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy (MTA), also known as Yeshiva University High School for Boys, enjoyed the return to school. “The yeshivah breaks each year allowed me to re-energize myself for the second half of a powerful school year,” said Spielman. “I returned with extra vigor to apply to both Judaic and general studies.” In honor of the return to school this past week, Spielman left the boys in grades 1-6 spellbound with a repertoire of sleight of hand movements that kept on coming. “I am proud of my time spent at YTM and the visit was very exciting. I couldn’t be happier than to see my previous rebbeim shepping nachas as they saw my talents come alive,” asserted the magician.

A couple came to me. They had been married for many years. Their marriage was okay, the wife reported, but he has an annoying habit that drives her crazy—he doesn’t clean up after himself. He leaves his dishes on the table after eating. He leaves wrappers on the counter. And no matter how many times she asks him to improve, no matter how many times he promises that he will change, he still leaves his socks on the bedroom floor.