Recap: Yehudis and Chevi discover the treasure that was written about in the journal. It’s in the attic of the house. They find out later that that was why the man kept coming and snooping around. There was a fight between the owner and the man and his wife who were relatives. The owner didn’t believe there was a treasure in the house. Now that it was found, she claims it is hers. Yehudis’ father calls in a rav who listens to the situation and declares it goes to the finder. A letter inside from Mr. Blennerhassett states how he learned his lesson not to run after riches, and whoever finds this treasure should donate the money to charity. Yehudis and Chevi sit down to read the end of the journal.

I don’t know you (unless I do), but statistically, I’m pretty sure you don’t like public speaking.  Unfortunately, though, you probably have to make a bar mitzvah at some point, nebech, and you have to speak, even though you’re not the one becoming bar mitzvah.  This might stress you out, seeing as you haven’t spoken since your own bar mitzvah, and you didn’t even fully understand what you said at the time.  All you know is that it was too long, your parents were claiming it wasn’t too long, and you have no idea whether anyone was listening because you read it from the paper.  People told you beforehand that you should look up at your audience from time to time, but when you did that, there were long, silent gaps, and then you lost the place.  But the only people listening, as far as you could tell, were your rebbeim, your parents, and whoever it was who wrote the speech. 

Recap: Yishai has a theory of where Dovid is. He goes to the apothecary and waits for the Native American woman who works there. He speaks to Holata and somehow evokes her sympathy. She leads him to her village, and he finds Dovid living there. Meanwhile, his brother and sister-in-law realized the error in their ways after this whole ordeal and finding out that Mr. Burr is a wanted criminal now. Yishai’s father came because of the worry about Dovid, and he tells Yishai that he is needed to help capture Mr. Burr. He and two other young men will be standing by the boats when Mr. Burr comes, and then the men will be able to capture him.