The Book of Life is sealed on Yom Kippur, and if there was ever an example in recent history demonstrating the precarious status of Jewish lives, it was 50 years ago, when Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack on Israel. It shattered the confidence of the Jewish state, tested its alliance with the United States, increased Cold War tensions, and it led to the resignation of Golda Meir, the country’s first woman leader.


 A Manhattan judge dismissed a lawsuit against Unilever on the grounds that the company was not required to immediately disclose the decision made by its Ben & Jerry’s unit to cease ice cream sales in Israeli territory beyond the 1949 armistice lines (the “Green Line”).

In the past year, Tivuch Shelly has achieved significant success by selling a diverse range of projects throughout Netanya. We have a deep understanding of our clientele’s preferences and actively seek out projects in various price ranges and locations. Thanks to our remarkable achievements, we are thrilled to introduce PRESALE prices to the first 20 buyers in a beautiful project located at the heart of Ir Yamim, boasting sea views that are sure to meet everyone’s needs. Netanya offers a breathtaking beach, a charming promenade, a vibrant city center, exceptional educational institutions, cultural hubs, entertainment options, and a wide array of restaurants, providing an exceptional lifestyle for our Anglo buyers. 

Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women is excited to welcome its first cohort of Anita Zucker Jewish Early Childhood Educators to campus this Fall 2023. The Anita Zucker Scholarship for Jewish Early Childhood Education is the brainchild of noted early childhood philanthropist and advocate, Anita Zucker. Zucker, a former classroom teacher herself and CEO of The InterTech Group Inc., a North Charleston-based global manufacturing conglomerate, recently gifted $5 million to YU to establish the Anita Zucker Program for Jewish Early Childhood Education. Her dedication to the field of education has resulted in initiatives across the country to professionalize and incentivize the field of early childhood education. This scholarship makes it possible for undergraduate students who are interested in early childhood education to become professionals without financial hardship, and it will lead the way in transforming the status of Jewish early childhood education.

Recap: Hope leaves work early because of the three men who she suspects are from the KKK, and she heard them say that they were chasing a white Cadillac. She takes Bonnie to the park and meets this girl named Rivkah, who is wearing a long skirt and who has a sister D’vori that Bonnie is playing with. Rivkah invites Hope and Bonnie to come to her house.