Medicaid applications for community based long-term care will be subject to a 30-month lookback period, which will be phased in. The implementation of the changes to the law was originally to begin on October 1, 2020, has been pushed back once again, and is now scheduled to begin April 1, 2022. The April 1, 2022 implementation date is due to the extension of the public health emergency. As such, for those who have a long-term care need, and those considering Medicaid planning and applications, it is critical to submit applications prior to April 1, 2022 if at all possible.

Alive for a mere two years, baby Alta bas Avraham a”h was never given a fighting chance. Embroiled in a battle with international governments, the United Kingdom court system pulled the final curtain closed as a decision was made to end life-support for the baby born with irreversible brain damage after being starved of oxygen for over 25 minutes at birth. In her last moments, Alta heard Sheyela Gluck sing songs of chizuk as she managed to breathe for 90 minutes after support was pulled. Alta never made it out of Manchester’s Royal Children’s Hospital.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting was our dog-eared bible for the first few years of child-rearing. Soon thereafter, my wife Shira and I let the instinct developed from our own upbringing take over, many thanks to the great role models we had in our own parents. When our kids started speaking after about a year, they told us what they needed and we no longer had to run back to the book with every crying jag. We seem to have done all right. Our kids are in good physical and emotional shape, get along well with others and make schoolwork a priority, thank G-d. We had to learn about tough love to get them to sleep through the night and to survive trips to the store where they wanted everything in sight. But most of the time, we’ve had overwhelming nachas. Bringing up our children has been the most fulfilling, awe-inspiring part of our lives.