In partnership with the Azrieli Graduate School and the MATAN Bellows Eshkolot Program, SKA pioneered a new initiative this year with the inauguration of the SKA Beit Midrash Fellowship. Majoring in the field of Jewish education, the SKA Beit Midrash Fellows have the opportunity to carry out their student teaching responsibilities in our classrooms, working directly with our students and forming meaningful relationships with them through one-on-one learning and co-curricular activities.  Under the guidance of Mrs. Avital Braun, Rosh Beit Midrash, our Fellows contribute to the vibrant Torah learning in our building while enhancing their own development as impactful educators.  The benefit to our SKA students has been immeasurable!

Azrieli students/SKA Fellows Tamar Kaminetzky, Sarah Levinson, and Orit Reiter are excited about how their year is progressing.  Noting that they are experiencing what they are learning, the Fellows find themselves a vital part of the school culture and environment while absorbing a significant amount of Torah knowledge. In addition to outstanding Torah classes on Zoom from notable educators such as Rabbi Dovid Fohrman, Rabbi Menachem Liebtag, Mrs. Shani Taragin, and Dr. Yael Ziegler, the Fellows attend shiurim given by SKA limudei kodesh faculty members Mrs. Beaty Menchel and Rabbi Isaac Rice on how to build and prepare lessons in Tanach, Machshavah, and Halachah.

Offering stimulating chaburas and tefilah and educational workshops to the SKA girls, the Fellows are also able to extend more individualized and differentiated instruction, helping students hone particular learning skills.  The SKA Beit Midrash Fellowship is helping to develop strong Judaic studies educators who in turn are elevating the overall Torah learning atmosphere in the SKA building!