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With the massive allegations of voter fraud laid out by Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and the rest of the Trump team, it’s obvious to all that the 2020 elections were a massive disaster. Regardless of who takes the oath of office in January, election reform should be a bipartisan issue at the top of everyone’s list. Unfortunately, it seems that Democrats consistently want to open the floodgates to further fraud, so it will be up to the Senate Republicans to write the bill and force Democrats to vote against it. Here are just a few of the policies that must be implemented to secure our elections.

At the time of this writing, there is no certified winner of the 2020 presidential election. Do not inform the Democrats, the media, or Big Tech, however, as they are inappropriately referring to Joe Biden as “President-Elect” while there is pending legal action in multiple states. If President Trump should end his tenure after one term, it will be the most accomplished term in decades, and truly shows what America would lose with him out of the White House.

Despite the media’s continued insistence, Joe Biden is not yet the President-Elect. He is the projected winner; but until the states certify the vote or Trump concedes, this election is still undecided. However, even if Joe Biden takes the oath of office in January, who really won this election? Is Joe Biden strong enough to withstand the pressure coming in from his left?

 Israelis are not known to give any elected leader a strong majoritarian mandate after an election. In the last few years, the Israeli people took to the polls three times, and never gave any party the ability for a meaningful coalition to be formed. However, when it comes to the US election, the choice is clear. Israelis want President Donald J. Trump to be re-elected.

The election is over, and we have had some time to digest the results. As had been the case for the better part of the last 50 years, we will once again have a divided government. Both parties failed in their quest for complete control. At its best, a divided government has forced both parties to meet in the middle and work together to bring about real progress. At its worst, it has led both parties to dig in their heels, demonize their opponents, and work for the day when they can achieve full control and shove their entire agenda down the throats of the other half of the population.

(The opinions expressed below are those of the author and are not an endorsement by the Queens Jewish Link of any candidate.)