The second graders at the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens are becoming better readers every day! They recently read “Bremen Town Musicians,” a dramatic fairy tale. The text has continuous dialogue and a repetitive pattern of events that create a story structure both entertaining and fun to read. There are singing animals that share a common problem, outsmart robbers, and find jobs as musicians. Since drama is meant to be acted out, the second graders used this opportunity to develop their dramatic reading and performing skills! In small groups, the girls prepared to perform the play to their classmates. The constant practice and rereading increased their reading fluency. The text has plenty of dialogue, which helped developed their awareness of appropriate expression while reading.

The young theatrical directors planned and coordinated the plays independently, creatively, and with great excitement! There was a frenzy of energy when it was time for the girls to perform! As the audience, their peers applauded each group of actresses, critiqued each performance, and noted the uniqueness of each one. “The costume was so cute,” and “That actress used great expression!” as well as, “Can we do this again?” were heard. The girls can’t wait to continue on their journey of joyful, collaborative, and engaging learning!