The appeals of kosher living continue to saturate many communities and cultures throughout the United States. Vacationists searching for exciting cuisine and true luxury are discovering the kosher market’s crown jewel, the stunning Arlington Hotel in Bethlehem, New Hampshire.

An extravagant retreat high in the famed New England White Mountains, the reinvented, newly designed Arlington is a place of absolute indulgence, where you connect with nature, with yourself and those dear to you. From its breathtaking architecture and scenic views, to the hotel’s exceptional list of first-class amenities, visitors find that striking balance of timeless tradition and modern comfort at every turn. With 65 boutique, exquisitely decorated suites, Arlington’s convenient central location offers guests proximity to some of the most incredible attractions on the Eastern Seaboard.

You wake up to views of a majestic tree-lined eminence. The morning takes you hiking through lush New England foliage on numerous trails. You are taking a lift or tram up one of the majestic White Mountains. You are greeted by the most marvelous scenic views on the east coast.  Fishing or kayaking in the babbling valley or walking through the flume, the pure invigorating air is penetrating the deepest sense of your being. Legendary amusement parks, bears show, interactive train rides create lasting family-memories for you to cherish. In the evening you revel in an upscale dining experience, with some of the most celebrated chefs in America, before concluding your day with a session at a world-class spa.

Elaborate breakfast, masterful pastries, a full cocktail bar, and an eclectic culinary lineup have Arlington visitors endlessly buzzing. As the very first 5-star kosher year-round hotel, this sophisticated resort offers some of the most innovative cuisine outside of America’s major cities. Enticing adventurous palates from near and far, the onsite restaurant (under the supervision of Harav Shmiel Berger) promises unique menus that always evolve throughout New Hampshire’s peak and off-peak seasons.

In addition to offering 5-star Shabbos meals, wonderful holiday schedules, and exciting year-round programs, Arlington has beautiful amenities, pool, saunas, gym, and fully stocked kids’ room. Its kosher guests gain access to a premier seforim library, onsite shul, mikva and so much more.

The hotel’s proficient concierge department will book your stay so all you need to do is relax, indulge, gather and lose yourself amidst the wonder of America’s natural habitat.

 Arlington is open all year. For reservations and seasonal specials inquire at 603-869-7777 or