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 President Joe Biden has had a very bad week. Rising gas prices and shortages, terrible job numbers, skyrocketing costs of goods in all sectors, and a war in the Middle East have all been caused by or wildly mishandled by this administration.  Even with a slanted media bias, Biden was getting bad press.  So to change the narrative, he finally let the CDC be something it hasn’t been during his tenure: scientific.

 When members of a minority group are subjected to attacks, liberal activists have urged the public to focus on the specific identities of the victims to demonstrate that they have suffered more injustices that merit close attention. But when it comes to anti-Semitism, the arbiters of progressive values cannot bring themselves to say, “Jewish Lives Matter.”

The following lines were written on the eve and the day after Yom Yerushalayim, in the midst of the wave of Muslim violence of Ramadan in Jerusalem, on the Gaza border and elsewhere, and before the start of the new military confrontation that is currently unfolding. I dedicate these lines to my friend Bezalel Smotrich, the only Member of Knesset with integrity. He was so right, and the only one, to prevent Netanyahu from forming a coalition that relied on an Arab party that supports terrorism. Smotrich did so at the expense of him being relegated to the opposition, and demonstrated true leadership. This, I believe, is the most precious lesson learned for the sake of unity and hope for the future.

 The battle to protect Israel is also being fought here. You need to do your part by supporting candidates who are pro-Israel and are sympathetic to the needs of the Jewish community by voting effectively in the upcoming election. This means voting in the Democratic Primary, if you are eligible to do so, even if you plan to vote Republican in the General Election, and understanding and taking advantage of the ranked choice voting system.

 Yom Yerushalayim was marred this year by air raid sirens and explosions in the city of Jerusalem.  A minor legal issue over an eviction of squatters who haven’t paid their rent in a few decades turned into violence in the streets and rockets in the skies.  Social media was flooded with condemnations by both sides of the aisle, but the usual suspects continued to side with terrorists and hope for the destruction of the Jewish State.  In a battle between Jews and terrorists, American Jewish group IfNotNow will always side against the Jews and with the terrorists.  

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