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For the dozens remaining who actually pay attention to The New York Times, there was a particular trend in stories that they were going for: the problems in the chasidic community in New York. The Times has more to say about one small community’s student population than they do the entirety of the public school system, which supposedly educates tens of millions. One organization seeks to shed light on the disparate attacks on Jewish schools.

The first time classified documents were found in Joe Biden’s possession, it was funny.  The second time, it was ridiculous.  The third time, it is infuriating.  Joe Biden is guilty of everything the Democrats have been accusing Donald Trump of, except he didn’t have the excuse of being President when the documents were taken.

When we recited Al HaNisim on Chanukah, we recalled the Hellenists who sought to use their power to make us forget the Torah and abandon our adherence to its laws. While no one is passing laws banning the practice of Judaism, those who seek to undermine our Torah institutions and our community are hard at work.

Since taking full control of the state in 2019, New York Democrats have gone full throttle in turning the Empire State into a doppelganger of California - only with fewer beaches. The result is rising crime, the highest per capita taxes, the highest per student spending, and a massive exodus of residents from our state.  The number of Socialists in the Democratic Party is rising, so there is little chance of the party slowing down.

For the past few weeks, journalists have had access to Twitter’s internal files. These files shed light on how the social media company worked with the government and within their own political biases to craft narratives and shift the social landscape to their own favor.  Hundreds of millions of people use Twitter directly per month, but that is not where this problem ends.  Twitter has become so ubiquitous that it shapes cable, network, and online media coverage.  Donald Trump’s presidency and his subsequent downfall could be attributed to Twitter.