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How do we want our children to remember us 20 years from now?

No doubt we’d like them to remember our home as one of warmth, kindness, and hospitality, where the welcome mat was always out, and guests were a regular part of our lives. We’d also like them to remember clearly that their safety and health were paramount to us, and that we were vigilant and uncompromising in identifying and protecting them from the dangers of a changing world.

The term “status quo” simply refers to the current state of affairs, in any situation. It’s not automatically right or wrong, good or bad. But in recent weeks, the term has been weaponized as the primary argument against Jews having access to their holiest site, the Temple Mount.

The suburbs are known for their greenery; open lawns uniformly face the streets - and it is by design, as strict codes ensure that alterations to this status quo pass the approval of homeowner associations, village trustees, or town boards. Last week in Port Washington, one family learned that good fences do not make good neighbors.

While the hospital and emergency care system in New York still faces staff shortages, Governor Kathy Hochul has dug in her heels over keeping countless healthcare workers unemployed over their vaccination status.  This would have been somewhat understandable several years ago, but her ignorance regarding Covid is mind-boggling considering her position as head of one of the largest states in the country.

The hockey world was rocked by an egregious scandal that rocked our frail nation to its very core when a player for the Philadelphia Flyers refused to wear rainbow-colored clothing during a warm-up on the teams Celebrate Pride Night!  Even worse, not only did the team not strap this offending player immediately to a catapult (or some kind of trebuchet), they allowed him to actually do the thing he’s paid to do: play hockey!