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It’s been an invigorating summer of Torah learning, growing, and connecting for the students and staff at Emet Outreach. An energizing experience has been enjoyed across the Campus, Women’s, Men’s, and Couples Divisions.

As the second yahrzeit of our mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, Mrs. Bacia Orzel, is approaching, the memories that we have are still vivid: the memories that we have of her that display her care, sensitivity to others – and not just family members. She was there to share in whatever the moments called for, both joyous and difficult. She dispensed wise advice and followed up if material help was the answer.

Nargis Malayev’s Story

In the spring of 2020, when the whole world was hit by a global pandemic, in this monstrous time, our community lost dozens of people daily. On April 3, the Pinkhasov family was completely orphaned, having lost their mother, Chorman Pinkhasova, on that day. On April 5, at the time of the funeral, the heartbroken Chorman children were not even allowed near their mother’s body for identification, even to say a final goodbye. It seemed that everything bad that could have happened on that day had already occurred. But having approached the freshly dug grave of the deceased, the children in bewilderment discover the head stone of their father’s grave tilted and tied with ropes.

Long summer Shabbos afternoons mean more learning opportunities at the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates. How is a convert considered an immigrant? How did the famous Langer Sibling case affect the landscape of religious politics in Israel? Do we get punished for our evil intentions? From Modern Jewish History to Halachah to Machashavah, these are just a sampling of the questions being explored during YIJE’s annual “Perek on the Lawn” summer series at YIJE. Over sumptuous Shabbos treats, each Shabbos afternoon before Minchah, seasoned educators and homegrown scholars spend an hour sharing their Torah and insight with fellow community members.

Emet Outreach hosted an extraordinary reunion when 66 couples, alumni of the Emet Leaders Fellowship, gathered at the LaKota Oaks resort in Norwalk, Connecticut, for a three-day retreat. They were joined by Emet staff members and their spouses for a Torah-infused weekend of meaningful classes and relationship-building activities. “This retreat focused on the theme of ‘Reaching Higher’ in our relationships with Hashem and our spouses,” said Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg, Emet Co-Founder and Director. “It was also a chance to spend time together and strengthen our relationships with Emet’s alumni, whom we think of as family. We’ve watched many of them grow since they were in college, and we want them to know that we’re here to support them as they build their own Jewish families.”