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In a heartwarming and unique event on November 19, a number of meaningful “shidduchim” were made. YUConnects partnered with the Young Israel of Woodmere, the “Singles Doing Chesed” group, and the Young Israel of Holliswood to pack boots for Israeli soldiers. The event, held in a bustling warehouse in Freeport, brought together 40 enthusiastic attendees motivated by shared values and a love of Israel. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of camaraderie and purpose, as participants worked diligently, blending the spirit of community service with the excitement of meeting new people.

The March for Israel rally in Washington, DC, will be remembered as an indelible moment for this generation. On a day when the collective voices of 300,000 participants resonated in solidarity with Israel, the individual experiences also made it unforgettable. Emet Outreach was proud to send a full bus from Queens to join in this historic initiative. Along with Emet’s Co-Founders Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg and Rabbi Mordechai Kraft, over 50 educators, alumni, and students shared the journey. Mrs. Rivka Muskat, Emet Associate Director, explained, “Traveling with Emet to the rally was so uplifting. From the heartfelt t’filah on the bus, to the spirited walk to the Metro station, to the surging crowds from all over on the Metro, to the unprecedented unity at the rally itself – it gave us all so much faith in the power of am Yisrael.”

Food Pantry Expansion Announced,

Posthumous Honorifics For Assemblymembers Simanowitz And Mayersohn

“Welcome to our new home,” were the everlasting words of Michael Nussbaum, President of the Queens Jewish Community Council (QJCC). Queens’ political leadership did not disappoint last Tuesday, November 21, for the ribbon-cutting event ten years in the making. “In the beginning there was darkness, and then there was light,” began Nussbaum, who also lived up to his promise to open the facility’s doors before stepping down this upcoming February. “In the beginning, this space was empty for over a decade. Today it has been revitalized and there is life,” continued Nussbaum as he credited our “thriving, successful, active central Jewish community” as the optimal space for an organization.

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), representing over 2500 traditional, Orthodox rabbis in American public policy, announced the launch of a $60,000 digital ad-buy calling upon major league sports teams and corporations to drop their past support for anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter (BLM) organizations. This comes in the wake of BLM groups celebrating the horrific pogrom against Jews and others in Israel, including mass sexual assaults, beheadings, burnings, and other atrocities. In the past, BLM was actively promoted by NFL, NBA, and MLB teams, and was given large donations by major corporations such as Nabisco, Unilever, Amazon, Nike, and Disney – despite poor oversight into how the money was being spent.