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Whenever the parshiyos of Acharei Mos and K’doshim converge, as they did this past Shabbos, I think of an old quip: “Acharei Mos” – after one’s death, “K’doshim,” people eulogize the niftar – regardless of the truth – that he was a kadosh – holy and pure. This past Shabbos morning, as my distinguished uncle, Rabbi I. Nathan Bamberger z”l, took leave of this world at age 95, I can say with absolute conviction that he lived his life with authentic k’dushah.

 NEW YORK, NY – Following weeks of delays, the city is adding free kosher Grab & Go meals to the menu at ten schools in Queens and Brooklyn. The announcement came after Council Member Rory Lancman and The Jewish Caucus of The New York City Council called on the mayor to include the hundreds of thousands of kosher-observant New Yorkers left out of his anti-hunger initiative.

A classical phrase in the Torah is al kanfei n’sharim, literally “on the wings of eagles.” Today, the world is being transported on the wings of COVID-19. The SARS-CoV-2 virus, and its accompanying pathology, has dominated human behavior since first being reported in February. In March, much of the world went into lockdown and a tentative return to normalcy is just now beginning. What will the future look like?

 To our Fellow Members of the Queens Jewish Community: 

 Words cannot describe the difficulties and challenges we are all experiencing. This is a time of unspeakable pain and suffering for so many and we must continue to daven to Hashem to request His salvation immediately. It is incumbent upon our community to continue to follow the guidelines and regulations set by the Federal, State and local authorities. We must collectively and individually keep abreast of these guidelines as the situation is fluid and changing on a regular basis. As we are a Torah community, the challenges during this time are especially magnified as the Yom Tov of Pesach approaches. The mandated community guidelines from the Rabbonim of Queens are as follows: 

 Since the end of February most citizens in countries around the world have remained glued to their televisions. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and various local news outlets have all dominated our brainwaves. Whereas in autocratic states the news media is simply a tool of the government, in democracies the role of the news media is to provide citizens with independent and objective reporting of the facts.

Dear neighbors,

I feel encouraged by today’s sunshine, blossoming trees, and the perennial compassion of New Yorkers. We’d love to share your uplifting stories in future updates so we can sow seeds of positivity in this difficult time. Let us know what you’re up to!