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Ronny and Shulamit Baruch on the birth of a granddaughter, born to David and Eliana Redlich

David and Limor Decter on the birth of a grandson, born to Jeremy and Eva Herskowitz. Mazal tov to the great-grandparents, Barbara Decter Schlussel, Jack and Ann Walisever, and Yossi and Aliza Cohen.

Joint Day of Learning Fosters Lasting Memories and Impact

This Presidents Day, Undergraduate Torah Studies (UTS) hosted an exciting day of learning for the YU community with the Dor L’Dor Yeshiva Learning Program. The program was designed to provide parents with the opportunity to participate in their child’s morning seder and shiurim across all four UTS programs and access the high level of Torah learning which their son’s commit themselves to throughout the year.

It’s a fundamental idea in Torah-observant Judaism that when we were born into the world, we become a new link in a long spiritual chain. We begin our lives with a spiritual connection to our parents, our parents’ parents, and all of our direct ancestors – even those who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago. And, this connection has an influence on the path that our life takes.

When Anglo Americans look to buy Israeli real estate as a home or investment, they will likely find their way to Tivuch Shelly. Shelly Levine and her company Tivuch Shelly have been involved in building up some of the best Anglo communities in Israel. “People know that when we put our name on a project, it will be exactly as we say it’s going to be,” she said.  Levine has been in business for over 35+ years with thousands of satisfied customers owning property throughout Israel.

It’s been three years since the world-renowned OurCrowd Global Summit has taken place due to the pandemic, and this year it returned, better than ever. Considered the largest business conference in Israel, the Summit once again delivered on its promise as one of the world’s premier events in the tech and venture capital industries and featured a wide array of speakers, exhibits and presentations, as well as thousands of visitors from around the globe.

Adira Rose Koffsky a”h, of West Hempstead, passed away on February 1 in Yerushalayim. Adira loved to write, and she used her writing to both tell fantastical stories and share her thoughts on deeper issues. It’s funny to read her poem about being “normal” because all who knew her well were utterly sure that she was exceptional. Adira always wanted to be a published writer, and thanks to The Queens Jewish Link…now she is.