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HaRav Dovid Goldwasser leads recitation of T’hilim at the kever of HaRav Yaakov Joseph zt”l, Chief Rabbi of New York, in honor of the yahrzeit, accompanied by Reb Mendel Friedlander, Esq., and Reb Binyamin Pruzansky, at Union Field Cemetery in Queens.


The NSHA Middle School Megillah Readers Program, initiated two decades ago by Dr. Paul Brody, was named in his honor as was a recently purchased beautiful megillah, to be used by each student reader on Purim Day. The announcement was delivered by Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Kobrin, Rosh HaYeshivah and Head of School, at the Middle School graduation exercises, held in the main sanctuary of the Great Neck Synagogue this past June.

The walls of the Emet Center have expanded from Queens to the Land of Israel. That’s what it felt like for students in the Women’s Division who are spending the summer studying at Neve Yerushalayim. In order to ease their transition to seminary, Ms. Adina Fendel, Emet Women’s Director, and Ms. Sara Blatt, Emet Mekareves, traveled to Israel to help guide and unite them. “Our idea was to not only bring an Emet feel, but also to create memorable programming to make their experience in Israel as impactful as possible,” said Ms. Fendel. The result was an amazing week of learning, laughter, and enjoying the land.

As the fourth week of the Ezra Summer Series comes to its close, the program is more popular than ever. The recent speakers have covered a vast range of topics meant to help strengthen the Ezra Academy students in their understanding and observance of mitzvos. Additionally, the speakers and visiting faculty bring support for so many who are working to strengthen their relationships with HaKadosh Baruch Hu. After speaking with “the regulars” (those who attend weekly and have been doing so for the last three years), it is clear how much the program means to them. It is an opportunity to see friends, see teachers and rebbeim, stay connected, daven with a minyan, and maintain all the gains from the school year.