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DoorDash delivery persons picked up food packages from the Masbia Food Reserve Depot on Sunday, March 5. Masbia will distribute food to over 5,000 families. The distribution started days before for Purim, and the main food deliveries will happen on the day of Purim. It is the ultimate way to fulfill the real mitzvah of Matanos LaEvyonim and Mishloach Manos. (

On Saturday night, February 18, the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills hosted a screening of the documentary Upheaval: The Journey of Menachem Begin, which was attended by almost 150 people from Kew Gardens Hills and other Queens communities. The 2020 film, which is now being shown in North and South America, uses archival footage and interviews with people who knew him well, to provide an insightful portrait of Menachem Begin’s life from his youth in the Betar movement in Poland through his years as Prime Minister of Israel.

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), representing over 2,000 traditional, observant rabbis in American public policy, last week congratulated the Anti-Defamation League for recent steps to protect observant Jews from discrimination. CJV called these indicators of the ADL’s “bold return” to its mission: fighting defamation of the Jewish people.

The Hillcrest community came out strong for a joyous pre-Purim laser, light, and music show on Sunday, February 26, at the Young Israel of Hillcrest. Attendees brought alive the tradition of la’Y’hudim haysa orah v’simchah v’sason vikar ken tih’yeh lanu depicted in Megilas Esther, recited every Motza›ei Shabbos during the recital of havdalah. The children›s eyes filled with joy during the riveting performance providing for a modern-day enactment of the age-old Purim custom. Prismatic Magic, facilitators of the special laser show, used STEM learning techniques to offer a fun educational opportunity for the kids. Fresh pizza and exciting prizes were also on hand for the youngsters. The shul’s Youth Department extends appreciation to the event sponsor, Sesil Lissberger, for her generous contribution.

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