Colors: Cyan Color

One of my favorite places to visit is an ancient wall in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem with a playground on top. As I watch the children at play, my mind drifts back to what happened at that very wall more than 2,500 years ago, to events described in M’lachim II (Chapters 18-19), Isaiah (Chapters 36-37), and Divrei HaYamim II (Chapter 32).

In a shocking revelation on Monday night, a leaker from inside the Supreme Court, likely a law clerk, sent a 98-page draft opinion to Politico.  This marks the first time in the Court’s 233-year and over 25,000-opinion history that a draft has been leaked.  The contents?  The highest court in the land is planning to overturn the landmark and controversial 1973 decision Roe v. Wade.

With a week to go before Russia stages its May 9 pageant of military hardware and the loudest hurrah on Red Square, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dropped a verbal bombshell in an interview with an Italian news show. He was defending Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “denazification.”

Well, they realized that it’s in their better business interest to go along with [insert Leftist cause here].  They don’t really believe this; they are just making money.  What’s the big deal?”