Day after day, the media dynamic

Is mass-hysteria and panic.

The doomsday rhetoric is manic,

Our fate to sink like the Titanic.

You see biased polls,

Doctored film clips,

Depression imminent

When the stock market dips.

Fake news broadcast

Through a skewered lens,

Lambasting Israel and Republicans.

Newspapers’ double standard,

Page after bias page,

Only fit to line the bottom

Of your parakeet cage!

The New York Times

Tops the yellow press list,

With “All the News That’s Fit to Twist!”

Don’t disagree – or you’re racist;

All I have to say is this:


Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid,

Don’t eat the poppy,

Don’t let proof-read

Default to copy,

Don’t roll over,

Don’t stand down,

Don’t fall for all the hype

That’s going around,

Don’t disparage the American way,

No matter what.


Don’t sleepwalk into

The new marching orders;

We can’t be a country

If we have no borders.

Where are you, silent Americans,

Who’ll come to the defense

Of common sense?

Where are our leaders,

The principled ones,

With the guts to put criminals

In prisons?

On your feet!

Don’t genuflect

To be politically correct;

Save a shred

Of self-respect.

You can fight this tide;

You can have an effect.


No, I won’t board that train,

It’s going off the rails.

I will stand for the truth,

And I pray it prevails.

No, I won’t buy the bridge,

Its soundness won’t keep.

It’s the path of least resistance –

But the fall is steep!


No, I won’t drink the Kool-Aid.

No, thanks, for the poppy.

I will think for myself,

And nothing’s going to stop me!

Contemptable Nancy

And her lap-dog, Chuck,

Are just about to run out of luck.

G-d willing, America

Can get back on track.

But we must show courage;

Vote your choice – push back!


By Sharon Marcus