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The Beth Gavriel Netz Minyan recently held a splendid siyum on the main floor of their Forest Hills shul. The venue was recreated into a magnificent hall, befitting the tremendous milestone accomplished by making a siyum on Masechet Shabbat. For 14 months, the mesaymim toiled over the sacred pages of the Talmud; the attendance at the event was testament that their hard work really paid off. The event was a tremendous kidush Hashem. From the artistic decor led by Liora Sebag to the uplifting music provided by DJ Avraham, and the powerful speeches delivered by the various Beth Gavriel rabbonim, the program was one to remember.

In this week’s parshah, R’ei, Moshe Rabbeinu shares a message that resonates deeply with those facing sickness or adversity. He reminds us that despite our challenges, we have the power to transform our hardships into opportunities for growth and blessings.

He’s back. But did he ever really leave? It seems like déjà vu, but NYC Mayor Eric Adams already has competition for his 2025 mayoral run. Patriotism and community were both on full display on Sunday, July 23, for the annual Queens Village Republican Club’s Family Fun Day Barbeque once again hosted at Alley Pond Park in Oakland Gardens.

Lester Kaufman, former Ohel executive director, continues sustaining Ohel’s mission of supporting individuals with disabilities

Lester Kaufman, a long-time Queens resident, recently dedicated an Ohel residence for individuals with developmental disabilities in Far Rockaway. Mr. Kaufman previously served as Ohel’s executive director for almost 30 years. Today, Lester and Susan Kaufman continue their commitment to this community and have joined with Ohel for a lasting legacy.

Summer workshops are in full swing for the Couples Division of Emet Outreach. The latest installment of the monthly relationship-oriented lectures was held at the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates. A crowd comprised of newlyweds to those married for over a decade shared an eagerness to learn about the straightforward topic, “Marriage: It Doesn’t Have to Be So Tough.”

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