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On Friday morning, August 27, Rabbi Michael Mansour shared a shiur about entering Rosh HaShanah with appreciation. He began with speaking about the mitzvah of Bikurim, which requires us to bring the first fruit, but there is no limit and no set amount. A person brings his first fruits to the kohen and acknowledges that Hashem did this for him. The Torah states, “You will be happy with all the good that Hashem gave you.” The question Rabbi Mansour posed is: “How does the mitzvah of Bikurim make you happy?”

As we go about our daily lives, we often forget about those who are fighting for us in the halls of our government. The Queens Jewish Alliance, under the guidance of Sorolle Idels, makes it a point to bring light to the complex issues affecting our neighborhoods and ensures that our voices are heard loud and clear on the phones, in the inboxes, and at the podiums of where our elected officials preach.

Transitioning back into a school schedule and easing those back-to-school jitters can be challenging, but these tips can set you and your children up for a strong and successful school year.