Taking a break from regular morning seder, Yeshiva Toras Halachah hosted its bi-annual Yarchei Kallah on Monday, February 17, Presidents’ Day. Talmidim, alumni, and the Kew Gardens Hills community joined for a special morning of learning and brunch in their beis midrash at 70-03 147th Street. Great Neck, the Five Towns, and Queens were all well represented at the event.

The topics focused on amirah l’nachri and t’chum Shabbos issues, amongst others, as they delved into “Prime Halachos of Amazon and other deliveries on Shabbos.” Source sheets were distributed, as everyone learned through mar’ei m’komos compiled by the Yeshiva with a guide sheet through the sources. The excitement of understanding this complex sugya was a drive for all attendees.

After the chavrusa learning, Rabbi Moshe Sokoloff delivered a lively, packed shiur, touching on many aspects of the sh’eilah. He connected the sugya to seven-day newspaper deliveries, as well.

All who attended were then treated to a hot milchig brunch by Spencer’s Catering. Ruchniyus and gashmiyus expectations were all met. Everyone was happy to have started their “off day” learning in their Yeshiva. The next Yarchei Kallah will be on Thanksgiving Day. Mark it on your calendar to join in this great event!

To learn more about the morning or night beis midrash program, call Rabbi Yechiel Benari at 917-600-2486 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..