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The Street Co-Naming Ceremony honoring Sylvia Weprin took place this past Sunday, July 30, at the northeast corner of 192nd Street and 67th Avenue in Fresh Meadows. Hosted by Assemblyman David Weprin and sponsored by Council Member Linda Lee, the event drew a large crowd who enjoyed the gorgeous weather as they celebrated Sylvia Weprin’s legacy. Family members present included Barry Weprin and his wife Pat, Assemblyman David Weprin and his wife Ronni, Mark Weprin, and multiple grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who unveiled the new “Sylvia Weprin Way” street sign.

An Unforgettable Journey of Growth and Exploration

This summer, Yeshiva University proudly facilitated four remarkable programs in Israel, providing 84 undergraduate students with the opportunity of a lifetime. From immersive internships to cultural exchanges, these programs offered participants a chance to live and learn in the vibrant land of Israel. Here are some highlights of these transformative experiences that unfolded in July and August, leaving a lasting impact on all who were involved.

Tu B’Av, the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Av, is a joyous and special day in the Jewish calendar. Often referred to as the “Jewish Day of Love,” it has historical significance as a day when matchmaking and marriages were encouraged in ancient times. On this occasion, let us explore the inspiring stories of some g’dolim (great Jewish leaders) who exemplified the essence of Tu B’Av through their love and devotion to others and to the Jewish people.

Rabbi Mordechai German, Dean of Be’er Hagolah Institutes, is no stranger to Jewish education. Aside from his personal experience as an educator for more than 25 years, he grew up in a home steeped in a culture of caring for other Jews. The home of his parents, Rabbi Avner and Rebbetzin Leya German of blessed memory, was a fortress of Jewish education and love for everyone.