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Residents of Kew Gardens Hills and Forest Hills have been subjected to the harassment of Alexander Anthony Soto for many months. The 50-something-year-old would regularly torment passersby as he stood at busy intersections holding high a handmade sign reading, “Jews pay police to kill children.” The signage depicted his convoluted conspiracy theory and suggested an array of proof to his assertion. Back on April 13, I personally responded on behalf of Queens Borough Safety Patrol-Shmira to the Main Street bus stop just off Jewel Avenue after a call of a disturbance was phoned in. At that time, and in the many that followed, due to the nature of freedom of speech laws, the NYPD has been unable to significantly intervene. Shmira volunteers and NYPD officers would regularly urge the man to carry on his day and eventually he would board a bus. Soto was often seen traveling via an MTA bus, affixing the sign into the window for onlookers to notice as he traveled along the predominantly Orthodox Jewish areas of Main Street towards Jewel Avenue, and Jewel Avenue towards Continental Avenue.

This past Friday evening, June 25, congregants and neighbors of the Bukharian shul Ner Mordechai Congregation in Kew Gardens were left in alarm after a homemade boxed firework, similar to an M-80 firecracker, exploded just outside its gated enclosure at the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard around 7:45 p.m. There were no known injuries or damage to infrastructure. As a precaution, the bomb squad, fire marshal, and police remained to investigate.

Mazal tov to our Pre-1A class and their morah, Mrs. Nissanian, at Yeshivat Ohr Haiim upon receiving their siddurim at their siddur presentation. They learned so much about the importance and value of t’filah to Hashem, and they shared with their parents and relatives an amazing play and sang beautiful songs all about davening to Hashem.