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If you ever had orthopedic surgery which required a metal implant in your body, you probably wish there was something made out of a material that is more similar to bone. You probably had many concerns about the metal implant. Is it safe for it to be living under your skin, will it need to be removed, and what if it loosens? These are all common and valid concerns of orthopedic metal implants.

Project Lead once again rose to help the needy this Pesach. The organization known for helping thousands with youth services, food assistance, family safety, and Holocaust survivor services was on hand to pack and deliver 165 bountiful Passover food packages to the Starret City region through the JCC of Canarsie. Much appreciation is owed to the caring and dedicated professional staff and volunteers.

Passover commemorates the story of the Exodus, in which our Jewish ancestors left Egypt and began the trek to freedom towards their homeland in Israel. Whether you choose to make Aliya or invest in Israel, you are choosing to realize and fulfill not only your personal dreams but the dreams of the Jewish people for thousands of years. We, at Tivuch Shelly, realize the importance of the state of Israel and have been settling Olim for the past 35+ years and providing properties that are of the highest quality and in popular neighborhoods.