There’s perhaps nothing more powerful than beholding the sweet innocence of children as they embrace the depth and beauty of their heritage. Sunday’s Chagigat Chumash at YSZ was truly special.

The celebrations for the 1st grade boys and 2nd grade girls each began with an address by Rabbi Fridman, who spoke about Rav Chaim Kanievsky Z”tl and how the Chagigat Chumash events were truly a fitting tribute to his living legacy, a life completely given over to Torah and yirat Shamayim.

The students sang songs about the sweetness and richness of Torah learning, and each student was presented with a Chumash with their name embossed in gold. The children were so proud to receive and hold their very own Chumashim!

After the events, each student received a Chumash-themed package filled with goodies.

Special thanks to Rabbi Fridman, Mrs. Khaimov, and Mrs. Pahlaef for arranging the logistics of the events as well as the dedicated teachers who went above and beyond to prepare their students for this important milestone. May our students hold onto their pride and excitement for learning Torah for years to come. We wish them a hearty Mazal Tov and much success as they embark on this new journey!