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David HaMelech teaches us in T’hilim (32:10), “The one who trusts in Hashem, kindness will surround him.” If you put your trust in Hashem, He will shower you with kindness. Chazal assure us that Hashem grants special protection, mercy, and kindness to those who put their absolute trust in Him. Rabbeinu Bachya, in Kad HaKemach, wrote: “One who trusts in Gd, he is rewarded by being carried high above affliction – even when it is befitting for such affliction to befall him.”

Each year, ahead of the Celebrate Israel Parade, Jewish New Yorkers find different ways to pay tribute to the Holy Land. This year, after three long years without outdoor festivities, I opted to raise a glass with two gentlemen who play a vital role in Israeli politics. As I entered Mike’s Bistro in Manhattan two weeks ago, I was welcomed by the warm embrace of Gild Erdan, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations. The handshake of the former Minister of the Knesset for the Likud party set the tone for the evening at the Israel Heritage Foundation’s (IHF) Yom HaAtzmaut celebratory dinner.

Renowned author and speaker Rabbi Lazer Brody came to New York from Israel for a nationwide tour in loving memory of Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein zt”l. Chazaq organized a special event with him in Brooklyn and a special singles event in Roslyn to packed audiences both nights. One of the main highlights of his trip was visiting the Chazaq headquarters, where he was blown away by the extent of Chazaq’s outreach. He stated that Chazaq is “changing the face of Judaism in the United States. It’s such an honor and privilege to be here, because anywhere that we’re saving Jewish souls and bringing them closer to Hashem that’s the whole ballgame.” He finished with a message to the general public, saying that “if you want to get Gan Eden, then help Chazaq any way you can. Be it volunteering, or financially. If we help Chazaq then we’re a partner in saving neshamahs, and if you help save neshamahs, then it’s a guaranteed, signed check that you will walk into Gan Eden.” Chazaq has saved thousands of kids, transferring them from public schools to Yeshivas and offering after-school and Sunday school programs.