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The Chofetz Chaim teaches us: “Before Mashiach comes, Hashem will stretch a rope from one end of the world to the other and shake it vigorously… These turbulent times are testing our faith… We must hold on tightly until the end.” This “rope” is our personal connection to Hashem.

This year’s Shalom Task Force’s Spin to Win Ping Pong Tournament and Barbecue was a massive success, attended by over 200 players and spectators, but it was the event that almost wasn’t. “Waking up on July 6 and looking at the weather, we weren’t sure if we would be able to hold our event,” said Dr. Shana Frydman, Executive Director of Shalom Task Force. “Within two hours, our incredible event chairs had moved our event into a new indoor venue and made all the necessary accommodations to ensure the event can happen. It was truly incredible to see!”

Scammers use fake text message to try
to get users to click on fraudulent link

The New York State Division of Consumer Protection and the Department of Motor Vehicles warned New Yorkers of a text message phishing scheme. Phishing texts are fraudulent messages designed to obtain data or sensitive personal information to be used to commit identity theft or trick the recipient into installing malicious software onto a computer or mobile device.