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A Glimmer Of Shimmer

Elegant evening makeup can often be time-consuming and daunting! If you’d like to experiment with...

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Eyebrows enhance the beauty of your face by providing a frame for your eyes and the parameters in which to place your eye makeup. Even if you’re not a big fan of makeup, a well-defined brow can certainly give you a more polished appearance in a most natural manner. 

3D technology for facial reconstructive surgery is like a blueprint for a building, except it involves the face, and the architects are surgeons. Doctors can now use this Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) technology to create digital 3D representation to improve a deformity due to an accident or tumor. Surgeons can incorporate this software to form a detailed plan for the most complicated surgeries, way before making an initial cut. 


When the temperatures are soaring, the last think you want is messy eyeliner running down your face. Use a waterproof liner to prevent that smudgy look. Another option is to tightline your eyes by applying a black eyeliner to the top eyelids only.  Next, only line the inner upper waterline, which brighten your eyes without having your liner budge. 

Spring is in the air, and the new looks of the season trend from bold and natural, colorful and understated, to minimalist and surprising. This season is all about customizing your makeup and playing up what you have. Makeup is no longer about one size fits all; it’s about choosing a trend that works for you and takes your whole face into account. The following new looks are easy to create and can easily be incorporated for Spring 2022.    

Are you tired of spending much time and effort, trying every silver polish on the market? Do you wish you could get the job done in a fast and easy manner? Search no more! I’d like to thank Paula Berger for sharing this invaluable homemade recipe, which works like magic in just a few moments. Read on to discover the cheapest, quickest, and a most highly effective way to remove the tarnish from some of your prized silver heirlooms.