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Ten Trends For Spring/Summer 2021

After a long year of makeup-free faces, the world of beauty is embracing some fun, glitz, and...

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With so many moisturizing options available, where do you begin? An abundance of ads bombards us on a constant basis, and numerous creams and lotions seem to flood the marketplace. It can seem challenging to figure out which products to use. The following questions and answers will help clarify a few things. 

Megillas Esther, the story of events that took place in Persia hundreds of years ago, is not merely historical; it is also a book of hidden miracles with deep and powerful lessons. The moral and spiritual messages, and the shining examples Esther imparted into the Jewish nation, have been passed down from generation to generation.  Therefore, Esther was known as one the greatest women in Jewish history.  As women, we can all learn meaningful lessons from the amazing story of Purim and its hidden miracles.

Winter has officially arrived, and though you may be feeling the blues, your skin does not have to reflect your state of mind. Your skin can surely use some extra pampering, especially during these trying times.  A harsh winter can be far worse for the skin than a bad summer.  Between low temperatures, cold winds, bone-dry indoor heating systems, and the daily stress, your skin loses lots of moisture. 

Two thousand years ago, when the royal Hasmonean family overpowered the Greeks and were victorious, they found only one flask of pure oil, which was enough to light the Menorah for a day. A miracle occurred with this oil, which miraculously lasted and burned for eight days. We therefore celebrate the miracle of Chanukah on the 25th day of Kislev by lighting our menorahs with olive oil and traditionally and generously incorporating this healthy oil in latkes, sufganiot, and other fried foods. 

It seems Governor Andrew Cuomo is so busy trying to solve all of New York’s problems, including COVID-19, that he enforced the plastic bag ban on Oct 19, 2020.  The law originally came out this past March; however, due to a lawsuit by plastic bag manufacturers and the beginning of the pandemic, it was postponed until recently. In case the Governor didn’t realize, the pandemic has not disappeared, and turning people into bag ladies will not help the situation either.  Speaking of bags, I’d rather ban the ones underneath the eyes that are exacerbated due to lack of sleep and stress.