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How To Create Brows That Wow

Eyebrows enhance the beauty of your face by providing a frame for your eyes and the parameters in...

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Light and candles have always had a deep and symbolic meaning in Judaism. The light of the Torah and the warmth of a Jewish life teach us the lesson of eternity.  They represent the view of life, the everlasting love the Almighty has for his nation, and our love for Hashem, the Torah and mankind. This light burns so brightly that it will never be extinguished.  In Shir HaShirim, Shlomo HaMelech mentions that even great waters cannot quench the fire of this strong bond. 

We are all living through trying times during a pandemic that has reached epic proportions worldwide, and affected our lives in various ways, whether physically, mentally, or financially. With Pesach just around the corner, shuls and schools shut down, and social distancing becoming the norm, life suddenly takes on new twists and turns, bringing along new meaning and purpose.

A nude lipstick can be a welcome addition to any woman’s beauty case, but choosing the perfect shade is often more complicated than finding a vibrant color. Beige, which is a wonderful neutral, can also be considered a drab color on its own. One woman’s neutral is another woman’s pink, orange, or brown.  Different shades flatter diverse mouths and skin tones, because it’s not a one size fits all.  So how do you pull off a nude lip without looking washed out, drab, or like you erroneously applied concealer to your mouth?

Many people ask me if they should add or skip the toning step in skincare. Others have no clue what a toner is all about.  There are various misconceptions about toners, since they were originally formulated years ago as astringents to target acne and oily skin. Many contained a high concentration of alcohol and were harsh and drying.  Some were more harmful to sensitive skin than they were beneficial, which was certainly not conducive to a healthy complexion.  In fact, some toners of the 90s were damaging to the capillaries and a problem for rosacea. I have never been a fan of those type of toners and many dermatologists did not approve of them either. 

The beauty industry is always buzzing with new trends each season and continuously thrives on constant changes in makeup and skincare. It seems the industry is taking positive strides to be more inclusive and socially conscious than ever before.  It’s also about to become more individualized and sustainable. The following trends can be expected in the coming year: