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How To Create Brows That Wow

Eyebrows enhance the beauty of your face by providing a frame for your eyes and the parameters in...

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The phrase “clean beauty” is often associated with natural beauty and green beauty.  Because there’s no legal definition, many brands have defined it according to their own standards. The real meaning of clean beauty is a product that does not risk your own health. 

One of the most common beauty blunders women make is how they apply blush.  Yet, when applied perfectly, it can take years off, restore your natural glow and keep you from looking fatigued.  The beautiful glow of a bit of cheek color can give a sense of youth and good health.  The look that we’re trying to achieve is that of natural, childlike rosy cheeks. 

Did you know that environmental factors like heat, wind, low humidity, and high altitude can directly impact your skin? As a matter of fact, the place you call home plays a role in how your skin feels and looks. Since it’s the largest organ in your body and undergoes a lot of daily wear and tear, your skin may lose moisture and feel uncomfortably dry in certain climates. Research by the National Climatic Data Center identified some cities that are toughest on your skin. Fortunately, New York was not listed among them. Find out which cities top the list.

Although winter did not officially begin, the season seems to be getting a head start this year. We have already had days in November that were more reminiscent of January weather. If this is any prediction of the coming winter days, you can get ready to combat the lower temperatures as well as your skin’s loss of moisture. Dry indoor heating systems don’t help matters either. The following tips will provide your skin with some TLC and the extra pampering it will need.

Acne, blackheads, and oily skin are some of the top skin concerns of teenagers. This is due to hormonal surges, which lead to enlargement of oil glands, and can result in blackheads and large pores. Read on for some tips to keep your skin looking healthy.