We often hear about tributes to special teachers, both moros and rebbeim. There are, baruch Hashem, so many outstanding people who serve the Jewish youth of our communities. The students of Ezra Academy put together an unbelievable week of tribute to one of their most beloved moros. While she has been unable to teach classes since the beginning of the school year, the impact she has had on the students over the last several years has left an indelible impression.

The morah gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who has met with some medical challenges. While the family rallies behind this newborn baby (which is keeping the morah out of school), the students decided to step up and rally behind Tinok ben Sarah, as well.

The planning began and spiraled as everyone wanted to show support for their morah and work for the z’chus of this baby’s r’fuah. The chesed committee, as well as so many additional students, arranged a spectacular series of events. The girls’ division of the school (with the help of the women’s faculty) organized a challah bake. In addition, the girls said all of Sefer T’hilim one morning and participated in a moving kumsitz.

The culmination of the project came with a brachah party organized by the head of Operation Ezra, Shirel Davoudi, who was excited to do something in honor of her morah and to help bring the r’fuah to Tinok ben Sarah. There were over 50 men and women in attendance, a lecture was given by Rabbi Yitzchak Aminov (Ezra Class of 2014), and brachos were led by a series of individuals, all hoping to see a quick recovery for Tinok ben Sarah.

Yasher koach to all those who helped make the special week of z’chuyos happen. At this time, we are asking everyone to continue davening for Tinok ben Sarah.