You’re so fake, you make Barbie seem real.” Hello, and welcome to Hypocrites Anonymous. What’s your name? Is your head exploding from all the pretenders and phonies in your midst these days? Any trust you had has been permanently damaged. Hmm... They claim to have moral standards but their behavior doesn’t conform to any of them. Those double standards can enrage and exasperate us.

Life can be brutal. Can you feel the pit in the bottom of your stomach? When your situation is difficult, every little thing feels immense and intimidating. For some, all seems lost right about now. Do pain and suffering have to be our destiny? Go right ahead and welcome whatever emotion comes forth. Trust me when I say that these feelings are not unique to you. You can’t always be your own hero or heroine, sweet friends. Do not become a ticking time bomb. Find someone you deeply trust and let it all out.

Wow, she put a little extra “humble” in that humble pie for you today. Have you tried to make peace with yourself over past mistakes and mishaps? We’re all told that our slip-ups are learning experiences. But suppose they are weighing you down? In order to move on and grow, you may ultimately choose to forgive yourself. But how?

How did you decide whom to marry, where to live, or what career to choose? Was your mind churning with all kinds of thoughts and feelings about it? You know that a successful marriage depends on falling in love many times – always with the same person. But, hey, marriage is not just spiritual communion. It’s also remembering to take out the trash. Hint, hint.

People were put on the planet just to test your anger management skills these days. You’ve gone from paralyzing fear to flat out rage. Your neighbors and friends disagree with how you are handling just about everything. The leaders you used to believe in have let you down time and time again. What this country needs are more unemployed politicians. You’re even mad at yourself for taking everything so dang personally.