Have you ever you made a mistake? Yes, you. Start by giving voice to your thoughts and feelings, please – out loud – to someone. If you feel embarrassed and refuse to admit your “mistake,” change the word to “learning experience.” Did you ever have one of those? Your inner critic may start beating you up and prevent you from eventually forgiving yourself. See how he or she is trying to sabotage you from letting go or moving on. Talk to yourself. You heard me. Talking to yourself is a sign of genius. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Listen, one advantage of talking to yourself is that you know that at least someone is listening.

Are you living life right? When was the last time you truly questioned your journey or path? You may feel a tad lost and crave a more meaningful existence. Do you ever examine or evaluate your values or virtues? If you tend to dive into the deepest or rawest parts of yourself, you just may be soul-searching. Feel like your aura is bit dusty? Believe it or not, many of us who are chronically anxious and unhappy may be disconnected from our very souls.

It’s been said: Everybody is doing the best they can, which is terrifying. Yesterday you were on top of the world. Today you don’t want to lift a precious finger. If you won an award for laziness, you would have someone else pick it up for you. I get it. Can’t reach it; don’t need it. It fell under the bed? Well then it’s gone forever. Hey, don’t be mad at lazy people; they didn’t do anything. But seriously, are you truly doing the “best you can” and what precisely is the very “best you can do”? Do you even know?

Your lifeboat just sprung a leak? Do you sometimes find yourself drowning in the waters of negativity? You may need to challenge those dark thoughts and ask yourself: “Is there a more positive way that I can view this situation?” One of the secrets to a more uplifting outlook is learning to ask yourself helpful questions. What are some of the negative influences in my life?

Are you still jumping through those hoops and doing mental gymnastics to make a particular someone see your worth? Are you the poster child for simply not feeling good enough? No, no. Please know your own worth; then add tax. Perhaps you are perennially trying to be adequate, all right, and up to snuff for others. You may need to intentionally stop your brain from beating yourself up. Beat your goals up instead.