In what has become an annual ritual, members of the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates last month purged their closets for the shul’s annual Clothing Sale. The Young Israel of Jamaica Estates has a long and storied history of chesed programs and activity. A signature event is the annual Clothing Sale, which benefits so many on different levels.

YIJE members, along with others, donate their gently used dress clothing, which in turn is sold at about 90 percent off the original prices to members of the wider Jewish community, as well as many from other neighboring communities in Queens.

The clothes that do not get sold are donated to those in need. Yad Leah in Israel as well as numerous gemachs in the US have been the beneficiaries of these donations for many years. This year, more than 100 bags of clothing were dispersed to gemachs throughout New York.

The sale requires significant manpower to collect, sort, and display the merchandise, as well as operate the sale. This year, nearly 100 volunteers of all ages, including YIJE’s Rabbi Dov and Rebbetzin Miriam Lerner, pitched in under the direction of event organizers Janna Herskowiz and Susan Kass.

Hundreds of shoppers benefit from the opportunity to purchase high-end designer clothing at a fraction of the original price. YIJE benefits from subsequent programs funded by the proceeds, and countless people in need have access to clothing for Shabbos, holidays, weddings, and smachos. A true WIN-WIN-WIN!