Stay trippy, you little hippie. Yea, yea, you’re chanting those affirmations, got that Instagram-worthy yoga pose and Namaste going all day long; but did you squeeze in any real depth or self-awareness between those meditation sessions? Of course, you’re not the black sheep; you’re the tie-dyed one. Granted, we all want “good vibes” and would do anything to avoid discomfort at all costs. We’re seeking, struggling, and striving to fix, heal, and make ourselves whole. But I’ll bet you’ve seen some so-called spiritual folk with self-entitled judgments about anyone who disagrees with their allegedly empathetic views.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m tired of being part of a major historical event. Listen, if the lessons of history have taught us anything, it’s that no one learns the lessons that history teaches us. Then again, if you think you have it tough, try reading some history books. But seriously, who wants to feel secluded, sequestered, and hermit-like day in, day out. If there’s one thing isolation and lack of human affection does, it’s worsen the quality of our lives. I know, nothing saves money like being anti-social. What you lack in social skills you make up in “hiding from people” skills? I get it.

Does your blood bubble, bluster and boil when you see someone without a mask on – or perhaps when you see throngs of people waiting on a line, all wearing masks? What do you think mandated masks are? Superstitious or politically motivated muzzles – or lifesaving protectors? What say you? How maddening is it when you perceive a threat in one way, and others view it as the total reverse and opposite pole? A number of people believe in following all the rules commanded by the powers that be in order to protect themselves and the safety of those around them. Others doubt governmental reports and consider the loss of their individual freedom – as well as not being able to share closeness with loved ones – as more of a threat to their constitutional rights – and their mental and physical health – than the virus itself.

You’re breathing. That’s about it for today’s productivity? Good enough. Did your heart just start beating faster, or is your breathing shallow now? Do you feel sick to your stomach, or are there a host of butterflies flying around in there? Feel like running away, or perhaps punching a piñata? Well, after all, you know it’s all his fault. You judged her and you are convinced that you are the victim in all of this. When you find yourself overreacting or lashing out in anger, you may have been touched off or triggered by some emotion that you now seem to be at the mercy of.

Waking up under this dark cloud and sleepwalking through another day. Looking longingly for a time machine to transport us to next year already. Even the aliens are riding past Earth, locking their doors. You already checked the Forbes list of the richest people in America, and you’re still not on it. So now what?

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it. Do you feel as though your mind, body, and spirit are at rest these days? I didn’t think so. After all, how can you feel a sense of acceptance when things are so beyond your control? How do you cultivate compassion when others around you are losing what’s left of their minds and acting out? The ‘rona pandemic is not the first plague that has ravaged our lives, sweet friends. Pandemonium comes in many forms. We struggle within ourselves; we clash with our loved ones, or perhaps our very beliefs become irrational, infantile, or even toxic. Heck, we all have irrational fears. I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on a totally insignificant day. But when are we ever simply “at peace”?